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B01.009 - Ann Waits Alone

Thomas hailed Ann on the radio as soon as they stabilized in normal space. “Are we sane?” he asked.

“I am,” she told him curtly. “How’s your passenger, Ranar?” 292 more words

Lynda Williams

B01.008 - Launch!

Ann’s rel-ship was a blunt-nosed exploration vessel known as a scout, with a built-in cocoon affectionately known to pilots as the slug, a device that distributed G forces under acceleration and boasted built-in life support. 639 more words

Lynda Williams

B01.007 - Prepping for Flight

En route to the docks, the next day, Ann was itching to ask Thomas about how he experienced the jump but knew it was a pilot superstition not to ask. 326 more words

Lynda Williams

B01.006 - Ann's Idea of Research

Alone in her quarters, Ann considered resorting to a mood lifter, but taking drugs felt like admitting her emotional existence was no more than a by-product of biochemistry. 383 more words

Lynda Williams

B01.005 - Creamy Dreamy Ranar

“I don’t like the idea of you risking your life on the strength of that one’s grip,” Lurol told Ranar when Thomas had strutted off to entertain himself, “let alone his good intentions. 634 more words

Lynda Williams

B01.003 - The Second Contact Team

When she walked into the briefing, the next morning, Ann was greeted by an urbane young man. “Ann of New Beach, I am gratified that you accepted our offer. 381 more words

Lynda Williams

B01.002 – Thomas the Renegade

As a pilot, Ann disliked flying cargo. But it was the regulation way to cope with reality skimming if you weren’t actually flying.

She came around in the sick bay of Second Contact Station still feeling grumpy over discovering Second Contact’s chief medic was the same one who’d treated her ex-partner. 469 more words

Lynda Williams