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Comma Of The Week

For grammarians, and literary pedants, the Oxford comma represents a bit of a battle ground. It is a comma which is the last in a series of two or more items and usually precedes a conjunction like and or or. 190 more words


Of writing, wordsmithing, and making mistakes

During the past week or so, I have been writing, shaping, and “wordsmithing” a five-page memo for my boss.  It has been a learning process in some respects, and he’s been very patient in explaining some aspects of the subject matter to me so I could state things more purposefully.  1,066 more words

Biblical (or Abiblical) Doctrine

Promoting Passivity 01

‘The Beer Went Mad’

Lynn Truss, in her ranty book, Talk to the Hand – which tries to do for everday personal interactions what her earlier book did for grammer an speling – quotes some remarks on their actions given by convicts to the cultural conservative and prison shrink Theodore Dalrymple: 480 more words

The Conservative Sensibility

The Pedants Are Revolting

Question: Who led the pedants’ revolt? Answer: Which Tyler.

I am pedantic about the use and misuse of the English language. I know it, and laugh at myself for it, because I also know that concerns about a lowering of standards in both the written and the spoken word have been voiced ‘since time immoral’.

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A purr-fect winter treat: 'The Lunar Cats' by Lynne Truss (2016)

Some people have a thing for cats, others adore books and many, myself included, happily fit within both camps.  If there is a special place in my heart and on my bookshelf for cat books, then pride of place has to go to those written by Lynne Truss.   601 more words

Book Review

Brilliant Book Titles #59

♪ Like a cat out of hell
I’ll be gone when the meowning comes ♪

You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue… 120 more words