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This morning I will share an amazing quote from a book I have been reading this week:

I love this so much that I will allow her words to speak for me today. Happy Friday!



Discovering Sophia

Women’s voices are rising ever louder?  Have you heard them? How can you not?

The obvious manifestations are in the Women’s March of January 2017 followed by the #MeToo movement. 484 more words

Action Steps

Feeling Fear? Fearing Money? Oops!

Money brings out fear and stress more than anything I know; and, yet, most people never take the time to overcome the fear.  Why?  Many reasons which I will not belabor here today except to say that Money is Personal!   439 more words

What If You Miss Giving Tuesday?

The pressure is on to celebrate holidays on the day they are designated, including having Turkey on Thanksgiving Thursday, doing shopping on Black Friday, spending more money on CyberMonday, and then more money but for less selfish causes on Giving Tuesday.   595 more words

Action Steps

For me, and for many of us, our first waking thought of the day is “I didn’t get enough sleep.” The next one is “I don’t have enough time.” Whether true or not, that thought of not enough occurs to us automatically before we even think to question or examine it.

123 more words

The Soul of Money

Money is the silent partner in almost everything that we do. There are different ways to deal with it, but I learned that what you earn and how you spend it is a private matter not to be discussed with friends or family. 661 more words