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Granrodeo shoutout to foreign fans

This is in my writeup on the New Years Countdown Live, but in case you don’t feel like reading through it….

These two lines are in the latest version of Rodeo’s 9th  (ロデドの第九): 80 more words


Bakudan Johnny - Subarashii Sekai (English lyrics)

I kick back and cast out my line, everything I need to do left undone
Waiting to catch some good luck for once, but nothing ever happens… 341 more words

Lyric Translation

Bakudan Johnny - Kimi wa Kimidori (English Lyrics)

You’re Green

Hey, you know that girl who transferred to our school from outer space?
You know, the one with the green skin?
You know, that girl who transferred here from outer space? 504 more words

Lyric Translation

The Blue Hearts - Rokudenashi

Good For Nothing

I’ve been cursed for being useless, people call me a lowlife
I don’t know the ropes and I can’t fake a smile… 230 more words

Lyric Translation

Tricot - Tobe (English Lyrics)


When I looked down from the rooftop
Even you became tiny
Not even a centimetre tall
I’ll cut you out
You’ll disappear 140 more words

Lyric Translation


Asian Kung Fu Generation



A misunderstanding, as deep and far as the sky

Life, is it all just farewells?

Even though I caught it, just a little glimpse of the future… 166 more words

Code Kunst - Parachute (Feat. Hyukoh, Dok2) Lyric Translated

Some on the fly translation. Did it for a friend; but might as well post it for y’all.

I didn’t know why this was
Ah, of course I wouldn’t… 387 more words

Lyric Translation