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Translation: DAWN GATE


人は生まれ 行く先を見いだせない留まるだけ
永久の闇より もっと深く漂い続けるだけ
加速 速度 追い越していく
Sin killing 見えた背中 君はただ傍観者
let’s dance

Born into this world, Mankind is unable to find its destination and remains trapped in place… 498 more words


Translation: wonder color

It’s been a long time, but we have another translation! And another case where the words are sometimes more serious than the music might lead you to think they would be. 365 more words


CNBLUE "Go your way" - Lyric Translation

hitomi wo tojite goran
Close your eyes
ほら 憂鬱なんて過去に捨てた
hora yuu-utsu nante kako ni suteta
See, you threw that blue away in the past… 299 more words


[Translation] STILL - TOHOSHINKI

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STILL – Tohoshinki

Trên bức hình ấy nụ cười trong sáng đang bừng nở trên gương mặt đôi ta

Cùng gọi một tách trà mà chẳng hay biết ngày không mong đợi ấy sẽ tới… 728 more words


World Order's "Have a Nice Day" Lyrics English Translation

As I posted recently, I absolutely love the video for World Order’s Have a Nice Day. It’s been getting stuck in my head whenever the sun is shining, so I thought it would be nice to know what the exact lyrics were, but I couldn’t actually find any English translation! 752 more words