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ミュージカル黒執事3 | 「Don't Resist It」(Kuroshitsuji Musical 3: "Don't Resist It")


Grey: Manekarezaru kyaku nante okadochigai
【フィップス】我らには果たすべき役目がある だから
Phipps: Warera ni wa hatasubeki yakume ga aru dakara
【二人】(Both): Don’t resist it.

Grey: Fui wo tsukareta nante baka iu na yo… 332 more words


ミュージカル黒執事3 | 「絶望」、「絶望の果て」(Kuroshitsuji Musical 3: "Despair," "The End of Despair")

絶望 “Zetsubou”/”Despair”
漢字・ローマ字 (Kanji/Romaji)

だして だして ここから だして
Dashite dashite koko kara dashite
いたい きたない かえりたい
Itai kitanai kaeritai
おとうさま おかあさま かみさま どうか
Otousama okaasama kamisama douka… 670 more words


ミュージカル黒執事 2 | 「契約」 (Kuroshitsuji Musical 2: "Contract")

I’ve been into Kuromyu for a long time, and since it’s become harder to find lyrics and translations since BB.Net was taken down, I figured I’d do a few of them myself just for practice. 359 more words


硝子の瞳 | シド (Glass Eyes by SID)

Artist: シド | SID
Lyrics: Mao
Composition: Yuya
Series: 黒執事 | Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic Ending Song (2017)

漢字・ローマ字 (Kanji/Romaji)

遠くから 君が 壊れる音 聞こえてた 389 more words


[Lyrics] Spring Day

I miss you
Because I’m voicing it like this, I miss you more
Even though I’m looking at photos of you all
I miss you… 526 more words

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Dear Mom OST 我的寶貝四千金

Since I’m currently working on subtitling this drama, I thought I’d share its OST. Typical of Taiwanese “daily” dramas, there are happy and cheerful as well as painful and dark songs. 2,570 more words

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Legend of Zu 蜀山戰紀之劍俠傳奇

‘Twas a weird project; normally, each drama only has one opening and one closing song, with several insert songs. Apparently, this drama had 5 seasons, each with its own pair of opening and closing. 2,326 more words

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