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Plasmagica - Have a nice MUSIC!!

“Have a nice MUSIC!!”, ED song of the Show By Rock!! anime by Plasmagica, the band formed by the show’s main characters. 599 more words

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Kukikodan - Tenkuubashi ni

‘Tenkuubashi ni’, from Kukikodan’s ‘Yoru wa Sono Manazashi no Saki ni Nagareru’ album. Kukikodan also performed the OP song for the anime Aoi Hana. 232 more words

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Negoto - Fuwari no Koto

‘Fuwari no Koto’, from Negoto’s ‘Ex Negoto’ album. Negoto also provided theme songs for the anime Galilei Donna, Gundam AGE, and Gintama’s new season, Gintama┬░. 294 more words

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kukui - Chizu Sanpo

‘Chizu Sanpo’, Maria-sama ga Miteru 4th’s OP by kukui. 241 more words

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What is he saying?! Arabic Song Translations for Dancers:: A Guide (With Commentary)

Belly dancers use Arabic, Turkish and North African music and songs to dance to—-at least they do in my world—-and that means an extra step for the second language practitioner and those of us working from outside source cultures to figure out what a song is about. 1,939 more words

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Yun*chi - Wonderful Wonder World

‘Wonderful Wonder World’, Log Horizon Second Season’s ED by Yun*chi. 462 more words

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Yun*chi - Fuzzy*

‘Fuzzy*’, the third song on the ‘Your song*’ single by Yun*chi, used for Log Horizon’s Season 1 ED. 473 more words

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