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Fear is a weapon of control, but embracing it is so empowering.

And the things that we fear are a weapon to be held against us… – Ian Rush

Yesterday while putting away some things the song The Weapon off of Rush’s Signals album popped up on the old iPod, and it struck me how much the words ring true to things going on around me now in the news and in my life. 905 more words

A peek inside my brain some days

Spinning, whirling
Still descending
Like a spiral sea

Sound and fury
Drown my heart
Every nerve
Is torn apart…

Cygnus X-1, Book One: The Voyage, Part Three  – A Farewell To Kings… 483 more words

Between the Wheels

You know how that rabbit feels Going under your speeding wheels…

I’ve been struggling for awhile where to begin this blog, and thought this would be the perfect place. 475 more words

For Married Couples Who Have Survived a Rocky Road

Lyrics from a song I’ve never heard before, grabbed my attention today and compelled me to walk closer to my radio.  As I stood there listening intently to every word, tears filled my eyes because the truth of it could be my marriage’s theme song.   45 more words


HER & SHE....

I can see my life being expressed through her. She makes me express my feelings, makes me feel better, and gives me a sign of relief, joy, and happiness inside of me when it seems like nobody else cares. 259 more words

Lyrically Speaking

All too well...

I can’t get you off my mind today.  It’s worse, so much worse than usual.  All day long, fragments of memories of you and I are flitting unwanted through my mind.   233 more words


Lost & Found

Lost in a Whirlwind
It’s a battle of my flesh, but the world wins
I’m just trying to get the spirit before the world ends… 301 more words

Lyrically Speaking