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Stay Young

INXS “Face The Change”

Turns back to front
Turns hate to love
The simple things that mean a lot
Turns rock to sand
Turns ice to snow… 270 more words


25 Years

So,this was supposed to be a gift for my parents’ 25th anniversary last year. But due to some unforeseen problems, we (me and my sister) didn’t manage to actually make a song out of this and present it to my parents. 258 more words

Random Stuffs

Lyrics: Florist

Everybody aiming to be something unique.
People trying to be popular at their peak.
In demand like a FLORIST is in valentines week,
don’t wanna be no outcast, loser or freak. 55 more words


Imaginary Kingdom

A boy was looking at the sky
His telescope and eager eyes were fitted on the distance
He thought nothing else could come between
His life was full and evergreen… 155 more words


Alola!!! translyrics (Pokemon)

Standing around, wasting time, is just not my style
With the sun, the moon, Pokemon and my pal Pikachu,
I’ll try and set out on a head-turning adventure! 95 more words


Osibisa - Welcome Home (Official Song + Lyrics)

You’ve been gone it’s an empty home,
Come on back where you really belong

You are always welcome home, welcome home.

You’ve been kept down for much too long, 159 more words