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[Translation] Enjoy This Time

Oh, look what I found in my translation folder D: haven’t touched this for 10 months. It’s not much, and the Engrish outweights. But this song just proves how much I love Noriken <3… 300 more words


Is It Love

“I never knew a love

A love that could be sweeter

No matter what my mind says

Your music gives me fever
The moment that we danced… 121 more words


The more I seek you - Kari Jobe

The more I seek you,
The more I find you
The more I find you, the more I love you

I wanna sit at your feet… 38 more words



Don’t get too close to me, I’ll rip you a new one.
Spitting four-letter words and the heat is on.
And here comes a new one, baby, right in your face. 273 more words


Fire Emblem if – if~hitori omou~ (Aqua's / Azura's song) – Lyrics/Translation

English: Fates – One’s Thoughts

Japanese: if〜ひとり思う〜

Romaji: if – hitori omou

Artist: Renka (蓮花)

Feature: Fire Emblem Fates

YouTube (no lyrics)

Lyrics video: MEGA… 374 more words


Manic. ✿

So my ‘normal’ mood is feeling like utter shit but showing everyone that I’m fine because if I didn’t they would all worry and stuff, so… 143 more words

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In Time

How many times have you heard of a tale not learned?
How many times the cries of a fate not earned?
How many unsung heroes you saw come and gone? 262 more words