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Ice Cream Day

Got some ice cream for my bay bay
She’s the one drivin’ me cray cray
Ain’t no other lay-day
Do me like this.



Clouds be rolling in
Pressin’ down on me, pinned
Get in a closet and don’t come out
What the fuck is that all about?
Gay rights, yo.


Bustin Rhymes on a Friday

With me there ain’t no foolin’
Cuz soon you’ll be droolin’
Gonna give you a schoolin’
An F never felt so good.


Blackfish, Ya'll

Look at our whale ain’t it great
So cuddly and cute
Won’t hurt the youth
Feeling no hate
Plenty of room in its tiny lake


Bobby Wills - Never Didn't Love You

I always loved the way you sang with the radio
Riding in my car
I always loved the way you made me feel big and strong… 240 more words


Radio XLVIII, side B, track 10: "When I See You Smile" by Bad English

Oh, Bad English, I’m gonna keep this brief because no one is smilin’ around here right now.  My wife’s still sick, I either have what she’s having or my allergies just really hate me, and everyone in the house is just shuffling around like extras on “The Walking Dead”.   521 more words


Thanksgiving, Yo!

Gobble on it.
Then wobble on it.
Pass me that pumpkin pie.