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How to be a Screenwriter in New Zealand: Option #2 - Scriptwriting Courses

I don’t think taking a course in creative writing is a necessary tool to learn how to write. I also don’t believe that reading every how-to book is essential. 1,133 more words


Writing TV vs. Writing Feature

My main goal is to end up writing for television.

Working towards this goal, I spent last year during my M.A. writing and redrafting a pilot and a bible for a family drama series. 1,001 more words

Fried Frank discusses Proposed Appraisal Statute Amendments, Which Would Permit Companies to Reduce Their Interest Cost

Proposed amendments to the Delaware appraisal statute announced recently are expected to be adopted by the Delaware Legislature. The stated purpose of the amendments is to reduce the recent rise in the volume of appraisal petitions. 3,201 more words

Corporate Governance

The Spokesman Weekly Vol. 32 No. 39 May 30, 1983

The Vol. 32 No. 39 May 30, 1983, issue of The Spokesman Weekly contains:

Mystery Of “Formulas” About Punjab Tangle Deepens: Akali Morcha Has A Solid Mass Base… 240 more words

Milbank discusses What to Expect in Antitrust Enforcement

In an environment of escalating antitrust activity around the globe with ever increasing government sanctions and private litigation exposure, it pays to ensure that your antitrust compliance efforts evolve with changes in your business and the enforcement landscape and are road-tested through regular audits. 1,983 more words

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Fried Frank discusses Annual Report from CFIUS to Congress – Data Highlight Extent of CFIUS’ Reach

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (“CFIUS”), a multi-agency U.S. regulatory body empowered to review transactions involving a foreign person and a U.S. 1,570 more words

International Developments