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A Dilemma That Surrounds M. Amir

Yea, yea, yea, i get it, i talk a lot about cricket. Apparently this is the only sports that generates some heat in Pakistan. Well, if we talk about Pakistani cricket, the hottest topic that surrounds the field is undoubtedly, the inclusion of M.Amir in the NZ’s practice camp. 220 more words


"No Sympathy for Amir"?

This article is in response to Mr. Saad Shafqat article on cricinfoNo Sympathy for Amir“.

Though I agree that what Amir did was wrong, and deserves punishment, the purpose of punishment is to teach a moral lesson, rather than brand someone as a criminal. 1,236 more words

Cricket Media And Us(The Morons) !!!

No, I don’t agree with you all. Our media is young and immature and they struggle to decide which news to break and which to be “handled with care” . 625 more words