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Landscape With Invisible Hand by M. T. Anderson

The Blurb On The Back:

We were all surprised when the vuvv landed the first time.  We were just glad they weren’t invading.  We couldn’t believe our luck when they offered us their tech and invited us to be part of their Interspecies Co-Prosperity Alliance.  904 more words

Young Adult

Tournament of Books, Round One: Landscape with Invisible Hand vs Motor Crush

Landscape with Invisible Hand by M T Anderson

Landscape with Invisible Hand by M.T. Anderson is an entertaining book that slyly pokes fun at material culture with a sci-fi framing. 645 more words

Tournament Of Books

Landscape with Invisible Hand

Author: M. T. Anderson

My rating: 5 of 5

Warning: Mature Audience (for language and dark themes, but mostly for language)

Young artist Adam Costello and his family remember a time when things were different. 457 more words

Book Review

Landscape with Invisible Hand

We were big fans of M. T. Anderson’s YA novel Feed when it came out, so when I found out that he’d written a new YA novel entitled… 945 more words

One of the 99%? It could be worse.

When the vuvv arrive, they come in peace.  They make deals and work with the super-rich to create a world without work, which means the rest of the world has an even harder time surviving.  276 more words

Book Review

It is worth pausing for a moment and asking how music speaks ideas. Shostakovich said,

For a long time, the Soviets said the music meant one thing, the Americans said it meant something else — and a few lonely souls (Igor Stravinsky among them) complained that music really should mean nothing at all.

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was not very fond of music. Not because it didn’t move him — but because it did. “It makes me want to say kind things, stupid things, and pat the heads of people,” he admitted.

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