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Self-Driving and Connected Cars: Fooling Sensors and Tracking Drivers

@tachyeonz : by Jonathan PetitAutomated and connected vehicles are the next evolution in transportation and will improve safety, traffic efficiency and driving experience. This talk will be divided in two parts: 1) security of autonomous automated vehicles and 2) privacy of connected vehicles.Automated vehicles… 24 more words


Learn Deep Learning the Hard Way

@tachyeonz : There are so many articles about learning Deep Learning but still I decided to write one more. The reason is I find many of those articles saying the same thing over and over again. 35 more words


'Neural network' spotted deep inside Samsung's Galaxy S7 silicon brain

@tachyeonz : Hot Chips Samsung has revealed the blueprints to its mystery M1 processor cores at the heart of its S7 and S7 Edge smartphones. International versions of the top-end Android mobiles, which went on sale in March, sport a 14nm FinFET Exynos 8890 system-on-chip that has four standard 1. 24 more words


Using Microbreweries to Explain Grid Modernization

@tachyeonz : Energy consultants tend to have a hard time relating to normal people.  Maybe that’s because we’re engineers at heart, or maybe it’s because we get too involved in our hyper-specific focus area and lose track of the general knowledge of everyday people. 26 more words


Mystery Men (1999)


I do enjoy this film, but there is definitely a feeling of what might have been. I love this concept so much, and to just get a good, and not great, movie out of it does seem like a wasted opportunity. 830 more words


How Deep Learning Could Help Save Coral Reefs

@tachyeonz : The world depends on coral reefs, but they’re disappearing – ravaged by climate change, coastal development, overfishing and pollution. With a quarter of Earth’s reefs already gone, scientists are racing to save them, and they’re getting a big boost from GPU-accelerated deep learning. 27 more words


T-8 Days

E comes back in 8 days!!!

She hasn’t replied to any of our msgs/snapchats so we can only assume she’s run out of data (again). 17 more words