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Annoy me but Amaze me: bareMinerals' App

It’s been a long time that certain app really surprises me. Especially in beauty brands apps, nothing seems new or different from their mobile website. Then why I waste the space to download a boring app for a single brand? 610 more words

The unexpected truths of my coming out

I won’t lie to you and say that coming out has been easy. It’s been a hard endeavor, terrifying and seemingly impossible. Every moment left me feeling lonely and afraid. 718 more words


The Year of Stefani

Is it time for the 2017 retrospective yet? We still have a ways to go, but in the closing month of the year, I can’t help but look back a bit. 579 more words


GIC & Almost 5 Months! (HRT)

Very soon, I will have been on HRT for 5 months.. Legit can’t believe how fast these 5 months have gone though, it’s a little bit crazy. 293 more words


From then until now

It was a year ago that I took my first roadtrip as Stefani. I drove to Oklahoma City, spent the entire time dressed up, did some sightseeing, and drove back, without once changing into my male alter ego. 526 more words


HRT Update #1 - Here It Comes..

This post was supposed to be a one week update post, but nothing was happening by day 7 so I had nothing to post about. Today is day 9, I spent an hour crying for no reason last night and I can certainly tell that the HRT is settling into my system. 213 more words


The Start of HRT

The long, stressful and unnecessary 23 months I have been waiting for hormone replacement therapy, has finally come to an end.

Last week I decided to book an appointment with my local doctor, in hope they’d heard back from the clinic in London. 137 more words