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Book Review - Being Jazz

TITLE: Being Jazz: My life as a (Transgender) teen
AUTHOR: Jazz Jennings
FORMAT: Hardback

For those who don’t know, Jazz Jennings first hit America’s psyche as the 4-year-old kid who knew he was really a she. 604 more words

Book Reviews

Less than a week until Pride!


It’s Friday, it’s almost midnight which means we’re almost on Saturday and that also means there’s less than a week until Manchester Pride, I’m not sure how much more excitement I can take without exploding! 126 more words


Did he really message me just to insult me? Wow, good job!

I’ve been using a dating site for about 5 weeks now, mainly because I don’t really go anywhere to meet new people very often. Until today, I have not had a bad experience with the kind of message I receive. 245 more words


9 - 11 / 13 waiting!

Pretty much a week or maybe 2 weeks after Manchester Pride last year, I started the ball rolling on the medical side of my transition. I spoke to my doctor who referred me to a psychiatrist, he told me there’s no other issues aside from needing to get my transition started, then gave his recommendation for a referral to the Gender Identity Clinic in London. 217 more words


The final stretch until pride!

There’s now only 10 days left until myself and my friends will be leaving my town and heading into Manchester for pride this year. As days go by and it gets closer, I get more nervous! 206 more words


Awkward situation questions!

The first time I posted a ‘feminine’ looking picture on social media, it raised a lot of questions which I was of course expecting.. Yet again, as mentioned in an earlier post, I have posted another picture on social media recently which is bringing up questions again. 232 more words


Colour correction!

Touchy subject but in the last 12 months, I have been trying a lot of different methods of covering the horribly upsetting 5’o clock shadow that starts showing through my make up within minutes of putting it on. 187 more words