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And Moving Right Along

Hello everybody. Hope all is well in cyber world. Can you believe how fast these years are flying by. From one stage to the next can sometimes become blurry. 178 more words


"Are you a girl or a boy?"

Twice in three days I have been asked the very same question by two different random children, just while I’ve been going about my usual daily business. 168 more words


Sixty Hours in a Dress - Part two - Saturday

This blog follows on from the previous description of my 60 hrs in a dress around Bournemouth. The story so far is that my wife and I attended the Transliving weekend at the Laguna Hotel at the beginning of December, our first ‘get-away’ as a couple of friends, and a real eye-opener for us both. 1,318 more words


Coming Out

Just to let you all know, I am a trans woman. I know many of you are family and friends with questions about this journey. So I have put together this FAQ, based upon questions I have been receiving from you, the family and friends. 1,005 more words

My Voice

Every since I first started moving forward with everything I’ve been slowly raising my voice, I want a higher pitched natural sounding voice without needing to “remember” to change into it each time I open my mouth. 216 more words