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Random head things (Nov 18, 2015)

This has been an eye opening month for me. I’m airing out a lot of things that I’ve only kept within my closest circle of friends, because I want to be more transparent in my life. 2,462 more words

Random head things (Nov 9, 2015)

Another day down, another weekend passed. It really seems like people from my past keep trying to pull me down, posting crap comments on my posts, but guess what. 1,630 more words


The one thing that still boggles my mind is the persistence and the abject perversity of the male gender, and as I live as a man most of the time, I find this repellent. 549 more words


On Inadequacy

You know those days where you feel completely and utterly overwhelmed, but you cannot put a finger on why? Those days where your chest gets tight – where your breath gets short…where your deep breaths catch and you feel like tears might come streaming down your cheeks for no reason at all? 1,372 more words


Being a Chick with Balls (The Literal and Metaphorical Kind)

Living life as a trans girl takes balls, and thankfully I have a set of those. Admitting you need help takes even more; or at least that’s what I tell myself to soothe my poor ego. 891 more words


My Vacation to Seattle

An all too familiar scene played out as I struggled to get out the door on time for my ride to the airport. A text, “On my way, see you in a few.” Shit. 1,482 more words


A message from myself. April 18, 2012

(Warning: Post contains sensitive subjects and former name)

Normally, when it comes to this blog, I publish everything I write, and I make sure to share it among my social media circles. 509 more words