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On Being Yourself

When I was three years old, my dad took me fishing at a reservoir in the Santa Cruz mountains.  I spent more than my fair share of time in a little cove just off to the right hand side of Loch Lomond.   1,059 more words


Secondary School

Secondary school (high school in USA), was a very confusing time for me. I had no idea of who I was or what I was. I knew I wasn’t what others expected or thought I should be, and yet, I felt I had to conform to the general populous of what a boy should be like and behave. 522 more words

Feeling positive; Just jotting like a journal.

I’m quite thankful to be alive and well, writing away; although I feel a serious writers block. Fuck writers block. Ill just start typing. They say to just write anyways so…Im happy! 215 more words


Is it ok to have friends from before you transitioned?

For those who have transitioned I think this is a question we all asked at one point or another. As one grows in to who they are born to be you learn more about those who have been there not only from the beginning, but possibly further back beyond that. 623 more words


A voice in North Carolina

With one of the worst pieces of legislation passed in North Carolina many people have spoken out against its homophobic ramifications. Sure IBM and a few other companies have spoken out against the new law, but it is a trans man that makes me smile the most. 680 more words


Traveling when Trans

With this mornings upsetting news about North Carolina. I want to share my thoughts on the subject of traveling while being transgender. I have traveled quite a bit as I have both transitioned and lived my life as the woman I always was. 1,322 more words


Life has its funny moments

There are always many triggers in our lives that will remind us of the past. Key elements that stick out as either really good or really bad. 380 more words