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Faceapp - a glimpse of the future for trans people?

Have you got Faceapp yet? This is an app that tweaks your face to make you look older or younger – or even change your gender. 916 more words


Ode to My Penis Before it is Gone

When I was thirteen I dreamed were detachable,
like a prosthetic ear or glass eye,
so I removed you.
I put you in my locker at school… 96 more words

The Power of Social Media

A few days ago I posted a tweet about how I’d have never known how many transgender individuals actually exist, if it wasn’t for social media. 349 more words


I'm In Control

Okay so I have no idea how this post is going to go, I’m literally sat here ready to burst with excitement and I want to talk about it, so here I am.. 271 more words


G.I.C Appointment #2

Short version of a really long day..

Travelling to London is a long journey for me, it takes two trains and around 3 hours for me to get into London, then another 30 minutes on the underground for me to be at the clinic. 262 more words


And Moving Right Along

Hello everybody. Hope all is well in cyber world. Can you believe how fast these years are flying by. From one stage to the next can sometimes become blurry. 178 more words