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Carbon fibre bowl 

The first of my new filaments I tested was the carbon fibre and I printed this on my home M3D printer. It printed very easily and the support material was very easy to remove. 316 more words

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Mixed 3D print tests

For the last ​few days I have been testing various 3D printing filaments. The first one I tested was carbon fibre mixed with PLA. I printed it on a low quality setting, it took about eight hours to print and ran very smoothly. 304 more words

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100+ Free Dialux 3D Objects

I hope you’ll enjoy this free library of .m3d objects. To download files click on text below pictures. 224 more words


3D printed bowl

I recently got some tough flexible plastic filament for my M3D printer. I decided to test it using the design I had produced for my CNC bowl. 75 more words

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The PRO Kickstarter Campaign: DFMA Lifecycle

The Micro 3D printer was a success, but after 2 years, it was time to begin the second product design process.

Collaborated with industrial design engineers, production managers, and an assembly crew to design a 3D printer for consumers, support part manufacturing for Asian suppliers, receive feedback from user technical issues, and develop plus test firmware for the heated bed and sensory network. 190 more words


The Micro Kickstarter Campaign: Ramping up operations from nothing

Joined the 3D printer startup company as employee number 23 and as the 5th Mechanical Engineer. While production was working to quickly assemble, test, and ship ~11,000 units to fulfill Kickstarter rewards for backers, design the following systems: 186 more words

Operations Management