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Full Conceal M3D

 Typical full-sized (9mm) pistols come standard with around 17 rounds.  The Full Conceal M3D Pistol comes standard with a 21-round magazine (made by Magpul) that when folded sits flush with front of the pistol creating a cell phone footprint and reliably deploys with 1 smooth motion to properly index securely to form a ready to shoot (21+1 round) pistol no matter where that magazine is on the grip. 720 more words

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Another Candle

Christmas lightnings around houses are not my favorite, however I like the atmosphere of warm little candles put on the bottom borders of the windows . 1,161 more words

Micro Controller

Carbon fibre bowl 

The first of my new filaments I tested was the carbon fibre and I printed this on my home M3D printer. It printed very easily and the support material was very easy to remove. 316 more words

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Mixed 3D print tests

For the last ​few days I have been testing various 3D printing filaments. The first one I tested was carbon fibre mixed with PLA. I printed it on a low quality setting, it took about eight hours to print and ran very smoothly. 304 more words

3D Print

100+ Free Dialux 3D Objects

I hope you’ll enjoy this free library of .m3d objects. To download files click on text below pictures. 224 more words


3D printed bowl

I recently got some tough flexible plastic filament for my M3D printer. I decided to test it using the design I had produced for my CNC bowl. 75 more words

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