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Vintage camera collection - Miranda Sensomat RE-II

This is the latest addition to my Miranda camera collection – a Miranda Sensomat RE-II.

I bought this as a spares or repair purchase for £20 postage paid, but I messaged the seller prior to buying it to find out what was wrong with it. 776 more words


2015 April 13th

Last night’s forecast was for partially clear skies, but it looked clear so I decided to pop outside. As I wasn’t sure how long the good conditions would last I opted for a quick set-up, binocular session. 267 more words


Heads Up! – Planets Pair with Clusters

Look west and south this weekend to see the two brightest planets each pairing with a bright cluster of stars.

This weekend, Venus and Jupiter each pair with a prominent open star cluster. 262 more words

Alan Dyer

Cold night, great view

I can’t say as I blame them, the people who didn’t show for our observatory open night Saturday, March 28 — only seven braved the cold. 196 more words


2015 February 6th

I was out observing just after dusk as there wouldn’t be much time before the big, bright moon was up. I decided to use my refractor as it is fairly quick to set up.  188 more words


7.62x54r & 10mm Hollow Points vs Tactical Head

The Tactical Head is a military and law enforce training target designed to withstand 1,000 direct hits from normal usage ammunition. We are testing this target to the extreme. 62 more words