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M6 DME tuner

¬† What a stupid picture the right side DME on a M6.¬†Another stupid picture,,,this time the left side DME on a M6,,,,you notice anything different on both DME unit,,,do you see the black rubber plug on both DME ,,,,,this is how the tuners are able to modify the DME ,,,,on the M6 they are unable to change the software without getting inside the DME ,,,so what the tuners do is drill a hole into the DME so they can push open the DME ,,,,once they are inside then they can change the computer chips,,,,,that’s all we know BMW won’t tell us anymore then what the tuners are doing to the DME units.

Leica m6 + 35mm Summilux + Fujicolor Professional 400 36 exp

I bought myself a Leica m6 as an addition to my Lens.

I now can use my 35mm fle on the m6.

Film photography to me is a to have some physical memory. 73 more words