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i was tagged by Delia/skylieann so thank you <3


🎵 Write ten songs that come on shuffle (no skipping).

🎵 Write your favourite lyric from each song. 296 more words



Shadow is the lack of direct light, but not necessarily the absence of light. Shadow occurs when photons hit an opaque medium and gets reflected away, leaving a patch of relative darkness. 97 more words


How to speak internet

(This blog post was inspired by danisnotonfire’s “how to speak internet“video, make sure to check him out. But this video is not very child friendly, we’ll blame Tumblr for that one) 388 more words


Insentif Simkad Wafy (BuzzMe)

Top up wafymobile kini boleh didapati di tempat-tempat seperti dalam gambar di bawah. Ia dikenali sebagai ‘m8’.

Insentif Wafymobile sangat banyak.  Antaranya:

A) Insentif Dapat Orang (introducer). 109 more words

Agen Dealer Wafy Mobile


honestly i have an entire week off and nothing better to do with my life so i made a crap ton of edits.


lyrics… 143 more words


since i have nothing better to do <:

“if plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters”