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A Playlist for The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff

I haven’t done a playlist in so long, but this book had so much about music, so I can’t not make one.  

I’m not going into too much detail about why I’ve picked some of the songs because I don’t want to have spoilers, but I do have a non-spoilery quote from the book in it, so, depending what you consider spoilers, you may not want to read this.   319 more words



Beetles of pivotal black iridescences discouragingly scour
bee tills of stillborn nectars: taken from hive syntaxes;
walkaways of no contests on full-petalled miniature roses.

Gardenias of strained ground almond waters, swish about… 51 more words


201710 많이 들은 노래들

아껴듣는 앨범

검정치마 새 앨범이 나온지가 꽤 됐는데 아껴서 듣고 있다. 아이유 꽃갈피2, 신해경 나의 가역 반응 역시 아껴 듣는 앨범이다. 아껴듣는 앨범이란 정말로 ‘아껴서’ 듣는 것이라 랜덤하게 들을 때 혹은 아무거나 들을 때 듣지 않고, 아 이 앨범 듣고 싶다.


2017/10/27 Day 52




上了中學開始自己慢慢發掘更多不同類型的音樂,早期會聽搖滾氣息較重的pop rock、emo,偶爾也會聽電子系、偏向舞曲的歌。後來越聽越多,也越聽越偏門,發展至現在最愛聽的shoegaze(我喜歡中文叫瞪鞋)、synth-pop類電子和夢幻感較重的,當然佔了好大部分是小清新acoustic與台灣獨立音樂,我愛台灣啊,接下來一定有一篇是講台灣的,哈哈。



Now, now是童年回憶。10年前聽Not one, but two,想不到10年後他們還在。現在曲風很不一樣了,不是我常聽的類型,但出奇地搶耳。還有主唱啊……gaydar響起了,想要她的粉紅頭髮。


In fluorescent light/Antisocialites watch a wilting flower/Live your life on a merry-go-round/Who starts a fire just to let it go out? 34 more words


The Elder Blog: Meet Me At Go!

I was just browsing the Windows 10 app store looking for free games to play, because I’m bored and Stranger Things 2 doesn’t come out for another two days, when I came across… 507 more words

The Elder Blog

90 Hinds: Leave Me Alone

I don’t think there was an album released in 2016 that I more desperately wanted to love than Hinds’ debut. Apart from Damien Lazarus’s. And… 679 more words


M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming (2011)

M83, a pseudonym for Anthony Gonzalez, is an electronic project based in Antibes, France. In 2011, he released his first double-album, which, in and of itself is a daunting task, but one that Gonzalez’s increasingly colossal track record was inevitably heading toward. 205 more words