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Action 247 - Ma and Pa Kent travel through time, and Tommy Tomorrrow goes to prison

Otto Binder and Al Plastino tell a tale in Action 247 (Dec. 58) that is so awful, it has become one of my favourites from this era.  512 more words

DC Comics

Adventure 290 - Superboy meets Sun Boy, and Bizarro World gets invaded

There is an awful lot of deception going on in Adventure 290 (Nov 61).  Tom Tanner, who happens to look identical to Clark Kent, escapes from a reform school and just happens to wind up in Smallville, where everyone, including Ma and Pa Kent, assume he is Clark. 357 more words

Adventure 288 - Superboy vs Dev-Em, and Bizarro Lois gains powers

Dev-Em shows himself to be a far more cruel and manipulative foe than anyone else Superboy has faced.  He projects Superboy into the Phantom Zone, then disguises himself as the hero and does all he can to ruin his name. 198 more words

Adventure 278 - Supergirl comes to Smallville, and Janu becomes Janurilla

At the time of this story, Supergirl had her own series in Action Comics, but was still living in an orphanage, forbidden by Superman to use her powers publicly.  263 more words

Adventure 251 - Superboy learns about kryptonite and Green Arrow gets presents

Kryptonite had been introduced into the Superman comic in 1949, and had been used in a number of Superboy stories before this one, but in Adventure 251 (Aug 58), Otto Binder scripted a decent little tale relating the circumstances behind Superboy’s first encounter with the substance, and his discovery of its deadly potential. 252 more words

Adventure 221 - Superbaby!

Superbaby would become a popular variation on the Superboy theme in the 60s, and Adventure 221 (Feb 56) has one of the earliest stories for the character. 152 more words