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Superman 694 - on the farm, and in Metropolis

Mon-El gets a new costume, complete with an “S” crest in Superman 694 (Jan. 10), by Robinson and Pina.  The story intercuts action in Metropolis, with time Mon-El spent recuperating in Smallville with Ma Kent and Superboy. 145 more words

Superman 685 - Superman ends, Mon-El begins

Superman bids farewell to his wife, his mother and Earth in the lead story from Superman 685 (April 2009), by Robinson and Javier Pina.  But he does not bid farewell to his dead father, despite the cover image. 301 more words

Adventures of Superman 525 - Superman goes for coffee

Adventures of Superman 525 (July 1995) serves as an epilogue to the Death of Clark Kent storyline, by Kesel, Immonen and Marzan.

Hey, is that Hope and Mercy?  178 more words

Adventures of Superman 523 - protecting the Kents

Adventures of Superman 523 (May 1995) is part of the Death of Clark Kent story arc, as Conduit has hitmen out to kill Ma and Pa Kent. 52 more words

Adventures of Superman 453 - Superman's oxygen deprived hallucinations, and Luthor expresses an interest

Superman travails in space are more interesting in Ordway’s Adventures of Superman 453 (April 1989), which also contains the second chapter of the Lex Luthor solo story, continued from the last issue of Superman. 207 more words

Superman 327 - Superman vs Kobra, and Mr. and Mrs. Superman begins

Pasko, Swan and Chiaramonte pit Superman against Kobra in issue 327 (Sept. 78), which expands to contain a Mr. and Mrs. Superman back-up story.

Kobra, the would-be world conqueror, had last appeared a couple of months earlier in the pages of Aquaman.  338 more words

Superman 146 - the origin of Superman, updated

With all the details being added to Superman’s backstory, it was no surprise when issue 146 (July 1961) was used to re-tell the basic story, adding in all the new information. 168 more words