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Superman 146 - the origin of Superman, updated

With all the details being added to Superman’s backstory, it was no surprise when issue 146 (July 1961) was used to re-tell the basic story, adding in all the new information. 168 more words

Superman 141 - Superman's Return to Krypton

Superman returns to Krypton, just like it proclaims on the cover of issue 141 (Nov.60), in this classic story by Siegel, Boring and Kaye.

Superman tries to get rid of a strange alien creature he comes across in space, but winds up shunted backwards in time, winding up on Krypton before its explosion.  472 more words

Superman 137 - the saga of Super-Menace

Siegel, Swan and Forte spin a full-length story about an evil double of Superman in issue 137 (May 1960).

The story has the rocket carrying the infant Superman hit an alien ship while on its way to Earth.  281 more words

Superman 73 - Hank Garvin, Man of Steel, and Superbaby

The prominence given to the name Hank Garvin on the cover of Superman 73 (Nov/Dec. 51) made me think that this was a real person, but so far as I can determine, he was not. 268 more words

Superman 53 - The Origin of Superman

Superman 53 (July/Aug. 48) bills itself as a 10th anniversary issue, and celebrates that by giving the longest origin for Superman yet published.

The issue also has a letter to the fans, written by Lois Lane, acknowledging all the tributes and success that Superman has achieved over the years. 196 more words

Superman 1 - the first comic devoted to a single character

Superman 1 (Summer 1939), is the first DC Comic devoted to a single character.  The series as a whole would be the first ongoing comic devoted to new stories about a single character, but the first issue cannot quite be characterized that way.  330 more words

World's Finest 84 - the first meeting of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent

Among the many contradictory stories that relate how Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent met, the one in World’s Finest 84 (Sept/Oct 56),by Hamilton, Sprang and Kaye, is one of the better variants. 169 more words