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Action 870 - from the highest to the lowest

Johns, Frank and Sibal pull off one heck of a conclusion to the Brainiac saga in Action 870 (Dec. 08).

As Brainiac insults Superman for becoming a “brute,” like those on Earth, Superman shows that brute force can sometimes be effective. 154 more words

Action 855 - Bizarro no take Pa Kent

Johns and Donner return, along with Eric Powell on the art, for a three-part story that takes Superman to Bizarro World.

Bizarro comes to Earth and kidnaps Pa Kent, bringing him to Bizarro World.  118 more words

Action 847 - fishing with Pa Kent

Action 847 (April 2007) and the next couple of issues take place in the past, keeping the continuity going during the break in the Last Son storyline.  88 more words

Action 844 - a young Kryptonian boy lands on Earth

Geoff Johns is joined by Richard Donner, the director of the original Superman movie, and Adam Kubert as a new Kryptonian gets introduced, in Action 844 (Dec. 139 more words

Action 823 - Ma Kent speaks her mind

The battle with the repo man continues in Action 823 (March 2005), by Austen, Reis and Campos.

The repo man just keeps growing larger and larger, much too big for either Superman or Superboy to deal with.  127 more words

Action 822 - the big bad repo man

Austen, Reis and Campos relate an uncomfortable Christmas dinner in Action 822 (Feb. 05).

Lois, who is recovering from being shot, joins the Kents, Superboy and Lana Lang for Christmas dinner in Smallville. 100 more words

Action 711 - Superman vs Conduit

Michelinie, Guice and Rodier add another chapter to the Death of Clark Kent in Action 711 (July1995), as Conduit puts Superman into a robotic fantasy version of Smallville for their final battle. 104 more words