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Utamaroho is the vital force of a culture, set in motion by the Asili. It is the thrust or energy source of a culture; that which gives it its emotional tone and motivates the collective behavior of its members. 49 more words

African Holocaust


Utamawazo is a kiswahili term that refers to the culturally structured thought — or worldview — that is determined by the primordial essence of a people. 93 more words

African Holocaust

Maafa Commemoration

Maafa Commemoration

The Maafa Commemoration is an annual remembrance of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the experience of Middle Passage. The commemoration, held at the… 63 more words


So I wrote this new poem.

Maafa on a Monday Ride Through the City
in Which I Decided I Should Just Go Ahead And Die Alone… 210 more words


How phat is that..?

Pondering a way to visualize how language might look were it a thing with three-dimensional physical attributes that could be experienced through the senses as well as the intellect, I imagined something like the image to the left. 1,111 more words