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study tips for studying abroad

If you’re currently studying abroad or planning to study abroad, this one’s for you.

While the Baylor in Maastricht program offers you the opportunity to travel all over Europe, it also offers you the opportunity to get 14 credit hours completed. 708 more words

Summer 2015

Maastricht is home.

It’s a Sunday evening, the breeze is just right, and I’m currently sitting at a table in front of one of my favorite cafés in Maastricht. 569 more words

Summer 2015

happy 1-month-aversary, Europe!

Well it’s June 18th today.. which means it’s been exactly ONE MONTH since I’ve been in Europe for the Baylor in Maastricht program. Already??? I know! 240 more words

Summer 2015

orientation in Maastricht

Y’ALL. I’ve only been in Maastricht for three days and I am already in love with this place. The past two days, we had orientation as official Maastricht University students. 1,472 more words

Summer 2015

group trip - day 3

Day 3:

Our first stop of the day was in the country of Liechtenstein! Have you heard of it? Oh come on y’all.. it’s that tiny country between Austria and Switzerland? 443 more words

Summer 2015

day 1 = SUCCESS

Woohoo! Here I am. In Maastricht, my home for the summer. And so far, I am absolutely loving it! (I’ve only been here for like 12 hours but oh well.) We took a loooong journey to get here! 753 more words

Summer 2015

today is the day

Well, May 17th has finally arrived.

I’m currently sitting in my hotel room just a few miles from the Houston airport filled with excitement and anxiousness. 244 more words

Summer 2015