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Life on Earth ... by Alice

Dear Ones,

This is an explanation about life on Earth…. the ionosphere and magnetosphere, the noosphere, the unconscious thought cloud of the world, communication within and above the Earth plane, and a historical perspective on souls now on Earth. 2,028 more words


Knowing when to take a break

I’ve been sick, and not doing much as a result. At first I tried to do stuff anyway, but that just wiped me out, and I realised I was expending more energy than I had available. 108 more words

Random Spiritual Stuff

Adjustment is better than sliced bread (but you knew that).

The next card from the Thoth Tarot is Adjustment (VIII). Crowley changed this card from Justice to Adjustment to try to reflect the maintenance of equilibrium as an actual active process. 298 more words


Paratransit Rider Poll

Please answer this poll as truthfully as you can.  If you are not a paratransit rider or are not responsible for a paratransit rider, please  do not answer unless you are cmpleteing this poll under the direction of a paratransit rider.   150 more words


On Not Learning Lessons.

In ancient Egypt, there’s this funny thing called ma’at. Ma’at is a complicated topic. It can be defined as “universal order”, or “balance”; it can be conceived of as “justice” or “right action”; it can even be seen as a kind of law of returns in it’s own way. 913 more words


Tehuti’s love story: Egypt, Kemet, or Khemet?

Several scholars and linguist call Egypt, Kemet.  Some call it Khemet.  Yet, in these names are problems.  We discuss the numerological meaning of Egypt in this work, but we have to challenge this Kemet or Khemet theory. 251 more words