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Saba Qamar Zaman is a Pakistani film and television actress. Qamar has established a career in Pakistani entertainment industry.From her very first drama  “Main  Hon Aurat” to  her recent film “Lahore Se Aagay “,she has been a phenomenal actress. 923 more words


Roel van de Eynden

De afgelopen tijd heb ik Jolanda Moolenaar van ThuisKlus twee keer ingeschakeld. Beide opdrachten heeft ze boven verwachting vervuld. Jolanda heeft een ‘kussenkast’ voor de bijkeuken helemaal op maat gemaakt. 129 more words

You Are Your Own Creation

You Are Your Own Creation

You are the Creator of your Universe and everything within it. The hi-lights, the stress, the damage, the obstacles, you created it. 272 more words


Paa Balagh Panen 10/16/16

Raah’ubaat zamaltat-u,

Akhay ather antuten panen nafermul wu shamashy dzahut?  ( How are you all {f} this beautiful and sunny morning?)  Anuki tawuhmul laheh Salafu-nee, wu Paa Nadjaru wu laheh Paa Nabab Yaa-Nanan! 390 more words

Sounds From Under the Garden of Cockle-shells


Every woman has the privilege and therefore the responsibility
of re-affirming woman’s true nature as Worshipper of the Goddess – Priestess of Maat, 91 more words

Back to Egypt...to search for truth

A more philosophical note.

After six months in the UK, I need to go back to Egypt.  I will be researching for two books – one which has been languishing for several years. 383 more words