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MEDIA UPDATE: Artdependance Magazine features the opening of the new MAAT museum

This October, EDP Foundation will officially open MAAT Museum on the Tagus River in Belém, Lisbon.

Designed by British architect Amanda Levete, this initiative is at the heart of an exciting urban revitalisation along one of Lisbon’s most historical waterfront neighbourhoods.

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Media Update

Sirius Star System

The Ancient Kemetian representation of Sirius Star System is a Sothis Cow, not a Dog as depicted by the modern Zodiac.   Another example of the northern invaders corruption.   99 more words


The Light~Energy~El-ectricty

Time does not exist.  Time is measured by the ‘speed of Light’, 8 sec approx.   Light is Time.  Interesting quote from the movie Jupiter Ascending, “The most important commodity is Time”.   333 more words

Feminine Principle

Fortune's Pawn (Book one of the Paradox Series)


Female action hero soldier type runs around killing many things.

Written by
Rachel Bach in 2013

There aren’t many books with female action heroes. And no,  388 more words

Science Fiction/fantasy

Ice Age: Collision Course

Scrat is a old English word meaning hermaphrodite.   S-he finally stored her acorn.


Feminine Principle

Soul Sun-g

When a Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge


Feminine Principle

Why Black Women are Degraded & Sexualized?

The cradle of civilization began in Kemet, so the Black Wo-man holds the DNA of Pre-Creation.  S-he was here on Earth alone for thousands of years, thus the myth of the Amazon Wo-man.  221 more words

Feminine Principle