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"The Children of Amen-Ra"

Most people commonly know “amen,” to be something that is said at the end of a prayer in the Catholic and Protestant faiths, few are aware of its original meaning and reference. 409 more words



Justice © Sarah Wheatley 2015
An excerpt from my book about this card, which of course is the Libra card. Happy Super moon Eclipse!
“Lilith is derived from the Mesopotamian word Lilitu or spirit, and she appears in myth of Inanna as a resident of the Huluppu tree. 188 more words

Chaos Rising: The Malice of Isfet

Personified hate, I am, bait of the Şeytan,
One and the same, to satiate raging appetite
For anthracite minds and hearts torn apart
By profusion of confusion and dark delusion; 306 more words


The Goddess and the Concept

Maat or Ma’at is the heart of understanding Egyptian civilization and its foundation. The concept mainly consists of justice, truth and universal order, among other things. 295 more words


The Queen that became a Pharoah

Hatshepsut, the sixth pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, one of the few women to rule Egypt as pharaoh, exceptionally.

Hatshepsut was born during a time of Egyptian imperial power and opulence, named the New Kingdom. 362 more words


Ma’at and the Third Dawning, Part II

Warm, rich cream suckled with placid dreams dreamed
Seemed best celestial fantasy, pressed against breast
Of Ma’at as I sought to fall back into sweet sleep; 441 more words


Ma'at and the Third Dawning

“‘Red skies at night, sailors’ delight; red skies in the morning, sailors’ warning,’
So speaks the wisdom of sky and sea,” Ma’at grabbed my waist band with strong hand; 592 more words