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Cocktail Time - New Art Print by Ma'at

And finally it’s that time of the day . . . Cocktail Time!!

Have a creative day!



Maat Silk

Coffee Time - New Print by Ma'at

I am not a coffee drinker myself but I love the smell, so here is a coffee print.

Have a Creative Day!



Maat Silk

In The Hall of Two Truths

Inspired by this week’s Monday Inspiration – White Feather

The funeral was over, the door to the tomb, which had been filled with all that I could possibly need in the afterlife, sealed.   540 more words

Creative Writing

Focus Prints : Maat x Brooklyn (10)

Limited Edition  Maat x Brooklyn : 10 Prints

   Hand signed x Numbered

10 x 20 DEEP Matte   @ $50 ea.

The making of Feminine Magic….



Beyond the Duats gates;

Metaphysical Truth awaits.

Abstain from poison;

And injuring innocent minds.

Refrain from polluting air and water;

And spoiling Sacred mineral mines. 79 more words


When Ma'at Becomes Isfet

Since March, Zolfyer’s cousin and his fiancee (henceforth to be referred to as Cousin and Fiancee) have been staying with us. They were about to get kicked out of their apartment, one of their roommates ditched them–like, packed up all his things, moved out in the four hours the house was empty, cut his phone off and hadn’t paid his share of the final rent or utilities, ditched– and Fiancee is pregnant. 2,622 more words

Daily Life

BunnHoTep and Hathor's Mirror

Ammit was having a really bad day. Her job was to eat the hearts that were rejected by Ma’at. These were very bad people who had not lived well. 1,231 more words