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Ma’at was both a concept and a goddess in ancient Egypt. Truth, order, balance, and morality, she stood on Ra’s boat that carried the sun through the sky. 131 more words


More Behind the Scenes Progress Photos - Ma'at Silk

Painting a new 45x45cm head scarf. I love the lemon yellow and meadow green together.

Have a creative day!



Maat Silk


guardians, gatekeepers
mothers, heart healers
the pieces are all dancing back
together as one
i hear you

(images not my own unless otherwise stated) 17 more words

Visual Medicine

I'm a Bad Kemetic.

I have been a bad Kemetic.

I have been a lazy priest. I have rushed my rituals and gone through the half-assed motions. I have made skimpy offerings of bread and cool water rather than digging through my kitchen to put together the food and tea I set aside earlier in the week. 639 more words


Lessons From Kemet Part I: The Ankh, Maat & Matriarchy

I’m changed by the Kemet Nu Know Thy Self experience, the tour excursion I just took back to Kemet, the Nile Valley region of Egypt and Nubia, specifically designed for people of African descent. 3,121 more words

Black Women

Echoes of ma'at (haiku)

Hear the breeze
whispers justice and truth
drifting through the stones

© Tournesol ’15




Prints Round Up - Group Photo Time - Ma'at Silk

I finished the last of my series of prints last week and I took a few “Group” photos. I love taking these. I am really pleased with how these turned out and I loved creating them I have lots of new ideas for some more, inducing some spiritual or religious ones. 74 more words

Maat Silk