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Mabel Monday: Sunglasses Sweater

Put on those sunnies, girls, because it looks like spring may have sprung!

Yesterday that big yellow ball in the sky finally put in a fashionably late appearance. 130 more words


Mabel Monday: Lightning Bolt Sweater

Just because Spring has arrived doesn’t mean it’s time to shrug off those sweaters: for a start, it’s been a steady -1°C since January here in the UK whilst even across the pond in, say California, you may still need something to throw on for chilly evenings. 177 more words


Mabel Monday: Anthropomorphic Sweater

Today’s Mabel Monday is not a direct copy of a Mabel sweater but has been inspired by a particularly quirky piece she’s worn, featuring a dog shooting a basketball hoop. 59 more words

Gravity Falls

Mabel Monday: Shooting Star Sweater

On today’s Mabel Monday we feature what some have described as Mabel’s signature outfit: a pink sweater with a shooting star and rainbow. An inspiring motif, the star is a shining beacon of aspiration whilst the rainbow represents the sun, rain and vomiting gnomes. 79 more words


Mabel Monday: The Burger Sweater

No one can rock a sweater like Mabel Pines of hit Disney Channel show, Gravity Falls. In fact, so partial is Mabel to sweaters that when she’s feeling low she seeks comfort in Sweater Town, a warm magical land found inside one’s sweater. 129 more words