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Incomplete hardware address

Recently I was working on an issue where a VM with a load balancing function would lose network connectivity consistently every 10-15mins for approx. 5-10mins. 84 more words



It used to be that all a user needs to do to gain access to a network is to just connect to a switch port, but as network experience growth and as confidential information traverse the network it becomes imperative to restrict what users receive and have access to. 584 more words


Nomi: Retail Tracking Company

Who are they?

According to Nomi, “Nomi is the market leader in retail store analytics,” and helps introduce brick & mortar stores to their customers. 842 more words


Recover your IMEI and Mac

Note 1 : It is always advised to write your mobile’s mac address and imei nos somewhere. In case you loose them, the only way to get a genuine one is to buy them or a new phone. 657 more words


Spanning Tree Protocol: IEEE 802.1D Bridge ID

Spanning Tree BPDU messages are comprised in the following format:

  • Contains a 4bit (originally 2bytes) Priority field which can be configured to affect the RBID of the BPDUs being sent influencing the BPDU to be superior or inferior manually…
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Spanning Tree

A Rough Time for Fitness Devices

Fitness trackers have really had it rough lately. First, a study done at Lancaster University found “no empirical evidence” that the devices have any long-term effect on well-being. 596 more words