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TP-LINK's WiFi Defaults to Worst Unique Passwords Ever

This “security”┬áis so outrageous we had to look for hidden cameras to make sure we’re not being pranked. We don’t want to ruin the face-palming realization for you, so before clicking past the break look closely at the image above and see if you can spot the exploit. 194 more words

Security Hacks

How to find Mac Address in Window

1.open Run and Type CMD enter!

2. Type Getmac and enter Get your Mac address from here of TC/IP….

Mac Address

Ethernet - IEEE 802.3/802.2

Probably the most known networking technology in the world, and perhaps all of you already have the knowledge and expertise necessary to domain everything about Ethernet, however, it’s also necessary keeping updated some concepts about the dominant standard on the LANs. 1,017 more words


What is Mac Address?


A MAC Address is a unique hardware-based address that uniquely identifies a Network Adapter (NIC) on a network. Generally MAC Addresses are divided into two parts – a three-byte (24-bit) vendor code and a three-byte (24-bit) host ID.


VMware-UCS Networking: Removing the Nexus Hairpin

I had some problems introducing M4 blades and a C Series (C240) server into an existing UCS infrastructure. All the new servers had VMware ESXi 5.5 installed on them and were vCenter cluster members. 1,147 more words


A beautiful rainbow stretching across the River Thames

A short rain shower just before sunset produced a beautiful rainbow stretching across the River Thames and the City of London.


Wake On LAN

If you have one computer at a location on a network and you want to turn it on remotely i.e. without physically present at that location, then there is something called Wake On LAN (WOL). 238 more words