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DHCP Snooping explained

In this post I will be explaining what DHCP snooping is and why it is useful to implement this within your network. Afterwards, we’ll dive into configuring DHCP snooping by using an example topology. 4,247 more words

MAC Address

Using this Tool to get your LAN MAC back!

Some people would lose the LAN MAC of their tv box when they use the firmware to reboot the system, how to get it back? Today take my… 273 more words


How to find a MAC address? SOLVED

Here’s a brief guide on What is a MAC Address which will definitely clear your confusions about MAC Address vs IP Address.

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How "anonymous" wifi data can still be a privacy risk

The thorny issue of tracking of location data without risking individual privacy is very neatly illustrated via a Freedom of Information (FOI) request asking London’s transport regulator to release the “anonymized” data-set it generated from a four week trial last year when it tracked metro users in the UK capital via wi-fi nodes and the MAC address of their smartphones as they traveled around its network. 2,464 more words


Cisco MAC Address Security

Port based MAC address control for Cisco devices

Some organisations have a need to secure ports to particular MAC addresses, I won’t discuss why you should or shouldn’t do it just give you the tools to do it! 164 more words


How to find your mac address

We live in what experts describe as an IP (Internet Protocol) based society. This means everything is connected, not just your smartphone, camera, smart watch or traditional computing devices. 599 more words