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Mac Lethal Spits Insane Rap While Waiting for Popcorn to Microwave

Mac Lethal is back with another crazy rap.  This time around he sets the timer on a microwave, and spits a number of bars before his popcorn is finished cooking.  Enjoy.


Grandparents Get High and Listen To Trap Music! See the Hilarious Video

I might have abs after laughing so hard at this video.

Youtuber and musician Mac Lethal got some grandparents together, had them smoke some mary jane, and listen to “trap music”. 65 more words


Homework Break

I needed a break from College Algebra, my brain is about to explode! Test day feels got me like 

This is one of the most unique music videos i’ve seen on the net. Beat is fresh AF too!

Mac Lethal and Maturing as an Artist: Monday, July 13th

I’m always excited when an artist that I already admire comes onto the James Altucher Podcast.

This last week it was Mac Lethal, the self made rapper and artist from Kansas City. 477 more words

Daily Journal

Just Say The Obvious, but Do It With Flair

Sometimes advertising is just about being simple:

You show the product.

You show how the product is used.

You tell what you offer.

You tell what is new. 354 more words


The What If's

Today my boyfriend’s mom got married and we were the witnesses. No being apart of that doesn’t make me want to get married right now (been too close to that to know that’s not something I want right now). 282 more words