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Converting Audio Files Using Mac OS X Terminal

I just figured out Mac OS X has a nice command line utility to convert audio files called afconvert . This is a great way to do batch audio conversion with total control over what you’re converting. 59 more words

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Cài Sublime Text trên Mac OS

Sublime Text  là 1 editor dành cho lập trình viên tốt nhất trên Mac OS, nó rất nhẹ và nhanh rất và cũng không quá khó để sử dụng. 373 more words

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Satellite Reign Is The Syndicate Successor Gamers Deserve

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Syndicate was a huge success for Bullfrog – and particularly Peter Molyneux. But it was the 1996 sequel, Syndicate Wars… 1,710 more words


How to install Windows on Mac using Parallels

I used to hate using mac because i had a lot of problem with sharing files with friends and still hate them because of that. why can’t they just use the popular NTFS file format that PC’s use or make their format compatible with all drives. 548 more words


OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan is Apples new operating system and upgrade to Yosemite for the mac line up coming this fall. It offers new features and improvements in experience and performance. 350 more words