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Microsoft Office For Mac 2016

Description: Microsoft has announced the release of the preliminary version of the office suite Office 2016 for the Mac.
The new Office for Mac is the first major upgrade package Microsoft Office applications on the platform OS X since the release version of Office 2011. 82 more words


The article every Apple user should read

This has been the winter of our discontent. 2016 was the year the tone changed. There’s always been a lot of criticism and griping about anything Apple does (and doesn’t do — it can’t win) but in 2016 I feel like the tone of the chatter about Apple changed and got a lot more negative. 4,368 more words


An experiment with Linux Mint

I’ve wanted to mess around with Linux for awhile. I tried Linux before I bought my Mac Mini in 2010 on the PC I had built. 655 more words


I'm having to use windows which is not fun!

Due to night shifts followed by a 8am start of a day shift I find myself in a strange sleeping pattern again. Here I am in a café Nero at 6am across the road from the hospital. 614 more words

Personal Mutterings

Copying files in subdirectories to a single directory

In order to copy my files, easily to Google Photos, they must be in a flat directory structure.  Doing this on my machine is a bit of a challenge, since I’m running Mac OS and trying to easily copy files on a read only external NTFS drive.   135 more words


How Apple Alienated Mac Loyalists

To die-hard fans, Apple Inc.’s Macintosh sometimes seems like an afterthought these days.

Mac upgrades, once a frequent ritual, are few and far between. The Mac Pro, Apple’s marquee computer, hasn’t been refreshed since 2013. 156 more words


Linux is the future, thanks to Apple and Microsoft

Tim Cook recently declared that “great desktop Macs are in the works”, and Apple employees have confirmed that Mac products are actually getting much less attention from the company compared to previous years, which means users who rely on Apple computers should start ditching the Apple platform and start looking for a new platform that will outlive Apple’s desktop and laptop products. 513 more words