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Google opens Chromebook PCs to Android - podcast

For all of you who have Chromebooks, and were bemoaning the fact that you could not download your favorite apps from Google Play,   Chromebooks, which is now second behind only Windows as an operating system, announced users will be able to download apps from Google Play starting very soon. 112 more words


Google is killing Chrome apps unless you have a Chromebook

Chrome apps are dying.

Google today announced that it’s planning to phase out support for its browser-based Chrome apps for every single OS except – of course – Chrome OS proper. 429 more words


Microsoft PowerShell Is Open Source, Available On Linux And Mac OS X

In recent years, we’ve seen Microsoft take steps to embrace the open source movement, and it seems that this effort is set to continue. The company has now announced plans to make its Powershell framework for task automation and scripting open source. 383 more words


Minecraft launching on Oculus Rift next week

According to Mojang developer Tommaso Checchi, Minecraft support for the Oculus Rift will arrive on the Windows 10 Beta edition (version 0.15.6) next week.

PSA: unsurprisingly, promised dates change :)

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Determine which Tomcat version is running

Determine process id

First we determine the process id(s) of the running Tomcat instance(s).

We can grep the running process list for ‘catalina.home’:

pgrep -f 'catalina.home'
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The Windows 10 Anniversary Update vs. macOS Sierra: two paths to OS unity

The age-old battle of Microsoft vs. Apple has endured since MS-DOS. And, while Windows buffs and Mac junkies are likely to never reach an agreement, it’s always fun to dive into the nitty gritty of each platform to see how they stack up. 22 more words


Mac shipments slump for third straight quarter | ESIST

By Gregg Keizer

According to the two largest technology research firms, Apple sold between 4.4 million and 4.6 million Macs in the second quarter, a year-over-year decline of between 5% and 8%. 171 more words