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PBJ Birthday Haul

What’s a girl to get herself for her birthday? Well when you’re getting into the beauty world, the answer’s easy — makeup.

Well. Deciding on makeup itself is easy. 645 more words

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The Triple Threat Eyeshadow

Good morning everybody. This week I have flocked to the same three items for eyeshadow. I tend to favor the number 3 with my make-up now that I think about it. 496 more words

The Perfect Eyeshadow for Christmas

I know all of you are sorting through your personal collections for that perfect red for the holiday whether it be on your nails or your lips.  512 more words

You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur

I love this quote. It’s by Karl Lagerfeld by the way. And I love fur, faux fur that is. It makes me feel so well…. chic lol… I have a whole collection of fur scarves, shawls, I feel I should do a post about it because fur is in this season! 158 more words


MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot

Сегодня мы поговорим о пэинт поте, то есть кремовых тенях (в нашем случае еще и базе под тени) от MAC Rubenesque, который я купила под влиянием бьюти блоггеров Youtube. 414 more words

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