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This emulator lets you run classic Macintosh OS in your browser

”While you can always cop an old Macintosh off of Craiglist, there might be an even easier way to quench your nostalgia for 1980’s Apple antiques,” Mix writes for TNW. 125 more words


ART: Vaporwave aesthetic, hit or myst?

I recently got put on to Vaporwave music and I was intrigued by the art movement that complements it – the Vaporwave Aesthetic. In a nutshell, it can be described as retro nostalgia of the 80s and 90s with an abstract flair. 87 more words


Some Science Brain Kibble

A misc. grab bag of some bits I’ve got “stacked up” and for which I will likely never do a full write up. So “punting” the links for your brain kibble munching pleasure. 1,734 more words

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Stuffing Macs Into FPGAs

A few years ago, of Big Mess ‘O Wires fame stuffed one of the first Macintosh computers into an FPGA. While the project worked and was able to run System 6 on a virtual CPU, there were a few problems: it wasn’t exactly stable, and there was no support for a keyboard, sound, SCSI, or serial ports. 142 more words

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