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Some Science Brain Kibble

A misc. grab bag of some bits I’ve got “stacked up” and for which I will likely never do a full write up. So “punting” the links for your brain kibble munching pleasure. 1,734 more words

Tech Bits

Stuffing Macs Into FPGAs

A few years ago, of Big Mess ‘O Wires fame stuffed one of the first Macintosh computers into an FPGA. While the project worked and was able to run System 6 on a virtual CPU, there were a few problems: it wasn’t exactly stable, and there was no support for a keyboard, sound, SCSI, or serial ports. 142 more words

Classic Hacks

AfterPxrty - Mac Plus

AfterPxrty(@APXZA) from Grand Rapids, Michigan drops off his “Mac Plus” from his upcoming project Parade.

What happens when you hook a 1986 Mac up to the modern Internet

The wonderful thing about the Internet is that it lets people who love to do insane things instantly show off their creations to the rest of the world. 241 more words


Fail of the Week: Electrically Effective Emulators Exceed Enclosure, Enrage Engineer

After a few years of on and off development, from Big Mess ‘o Wires completed work on a floppy disk drive emulator for older Macs such as the Plus. 232 more words

Hackaday Columns

Adventures with MAC

The Beginning – It all began with my first MAC – a Macintosh Plus. On the job. In retrospect, the memory and storage capacity were laughable at 1MG of RAM and 128K of ROM. 368 more words


Longtime Mac user: Why I finally bought some Apple shares

”I bought my first Apple computer in 1984,” Stephen Mayo writes for Seeking Alpha. “It was the Mac Plus, the revolutionary computer that made popular the idea of icon based user interfaces.” 246 more words