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Simple steps for securing your Mac

Continuing on from the previous post, where we learnt to secure our iOS devices, we will now apply similar steps on the Mac.

The security of a computer is easy to maintain if physical access to the device is restricted to yourself as far as possible. 1,324 more words

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The USB standard has a fundamental security flaw that allows an attacker to take over any device it is connected to, whether PC or Mac, say security researchers in a frightening piece by  263 more words

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Protecting Macs

Further to the LaoShu malware previously flagged by Sophos – as I reported here recently – John Zorabedian offers Four easy ways to protect your Mac from malware… 16 more words

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How to: Use a password manager to have strong, unique passwords for each website

Evernote, Adobe, even Apple … just a few of the companies who have found their user data compromised by hackers in recent times. The possibility of a hacker being able to access one of your web accounts is worrying enough – but if you use the same email address and password for almost all the websites you use, the risk becomes huge. 1,735 more words


How the U.S. NSA secures its Macs from snoopers

”The NSA (the National Security Agency, or, as some people prefer, No Such Agency) has found itself in the spotlight lately, owing in large part to leaks from former contractor Edward Snowden,” Rich Mogull reports for Macworld. 137 more words


Virus Bulletin article, August 2010

Another of my pet hobby horses: Mac security. This was commentary on popular attitudes to and misconceptions about Mac security, in the light of a survey conducted by ESET. 26 more words

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Ways for Mac Security- Magican

To keep your Mac away from threats, there are several measures you need to take in order to check the status of your Mac regularly (such as CPU, Memory, etc). 211 more words

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