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The Wild Eight reaches Kickstarter goal and still has 11 days before funding ends

The game being developed by Russian studio #EightPoints, The Wild Eight a procedurally generated co-op #survival #game, which takes place with a group of people stranded in the Alaskan wilderness after a plane crash. 341 more words

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Stardew Valley developer confirms a Linux and Mac port plus a co-op multiplayer

Stardew Valley is a very popular open-ended #farming, #RPG, hybrid that is being expanded immensely.

Eric Barone, better known by his developer alias #ConcernedApe, announced a list of planned features for… 250 more words

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Mighty No. 9 finally has a release date set for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Keiji Inafune’s creator of the crowdfunded #spiritualsuccessor to the Blue Bomber, Mighty No. 9, will finally #launch in #June.

Mighty No. 9 has become somewhat notorious for its many delays. 515 more words

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I want a touch screen Mac!

I’ve been following this argument online for a while and I think it’s time that Apple come to the realization that having a touch screen computer that runs OSX would be awesome! 493 more words


I need your help! 

Hi guys,

I need to approach the people that know the best- the bloggers themselves!

I am having issues with posts automatically deleting, with the post still there but the content gone. 122 more words