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More Snotty Girls

See this beautiful dead baby photographed outdoors in front of a black drape.  He was the cause of my first major social failure.  Before you get too outraged with me, bear in mind this child was my grandmother’s baby brother, stillborn in 1898.   345 more words


Davide De Agostini

A while back, I went right-click crazy and saved a giant folder of
images by Davide De Agostini. His work can be unsettling to look at in some cases, but is nonetheless utterly compelling. 42 more words


Cold cases

Like a crime scene contaminated,
there will be traces of me
in the carnage I investigate.
My bloody bootprint joins
the devil’s dance-steps
on the thin gray carpeting. 35 more words


Hostage (Somewhat PG-16?)

Hey Everyone, been a while since I added something new, I add my new stuff at behance now, do check it out.

That’s not to say I’d be abandoning ship (blog), I still like my collection, but I found the portfolio site to be a bit more straightforward. 29 more words


The Crows Come Home

The crows have come home to roost
so I open the doors of my mind
and let them build their nests
from fragments of discarded memory… 87 more words


Sketch_Danse Macabre

“Who the fool, who the wise?
Who the beggar or the emperor?
whether rich or poor,
In Death, we are

A la, danse macabre! 61 more words