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365 Challenge: Day 71 - Dark

Dark: absence of, or very little, light

When I chose the word “dark” for today, I thought readers may assume I was going macabre and evil. 900 more words

365 Day Challenge

Final Scene

Sprawled on flaccid couch,
she snores guttural gumpfs and wheezes.

A pendulum creaks . . . shudders . . . stops . . .
clock face sags in disrepair. 98 more words



Attended a concept workshop by John Mueller in April. This is the piece I finished afterward, below is what I had done during the session.



Modern scientific prophets remind us of the wonder of the human form and its apparently miraculous functional properties – yet to some sufferers of chronic physiological and mental issues, the body can be little more than a monstrously deficient and impedimentary vehicle. 81 more words


'Uncomfortable truce IV' (end)

“So, what do we have here Steve-o?”

“Oh, this is one for the history books. From what we’ve ascertained so far, its felony vandalism, destruction of property, and a giant dash of industrial sabotage. 688 more words

Different Perspectives

'Uncomfortable truce' III

The Newman family was warned to proceed cautiously in the matter of sharing the revelation with others. The potential for skepticism was incredibly high and it would only take one case of xenophobic alien panic to create a interstellar conflict. 786 more words

Different Perspectives

Diary Fragment 1810

I was greatly shocked to hear
of Mary Ogley’s sudden death.

While at dinner
a wasp sting on her little finger
brought on such a laughing fit… 37 more words

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