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. :Not Everything is as it Seems: .

I fantasize about

the death behind your eyes.

The tiny wisps

of screaming madness.

I cling to them,

like a martyr

to her sadness. 72 more words


Film Noir, Take 38

Graveyard journey.
Ghosts whisper, dance,
twist, shimmer.
Breeze skips through leaves.
Clouds balloon, curl,
storm drizzles, bubbles open.
Lightning sparks, sounds echo.

Dawn spills, melts rose-red. 160 more words


Andalusian Misanthropy

Hancoh steps into the Mediterranean with a hundred arrows striking near his heart. His beard torn by scaly, Catholic hands. He invited the ocean to seep inside his wounds and drag him into the depths the rest with the conch shells. 139 more words


Holiday Read #1: 'A Place Called Perfect,' by Helena Duggan, cover by Karl James Mountford.

Each year, I take a certain delight in spending all the loyalty points I have dutifully built up on my bookshop reward card in the preceding months with my many purchases. 271 more words

Apartment 213

Finally I’m on my way to Bloodstock. First a train trip to Burton on Trent to dump my bag at the hotel and meet up with the other half cut reprobates for a twelve hour stint of metal in a field. 380 more words


The making of a Victorian ghost (F)

Tristan stood rooted in a mist of memories capering past him. Flickers of laughter here and there, tears and fights, conversation all jumbled together in the cacophony of a life lived in chaos and self destruction; all of it now rooted to the shell sprawled on the sticky stone floor. 849 more words


Inside My Head

Breathing, inside this coffin they call the world.

Cold shadows, houses on fire, what is this sacramental desire?

Design this crime fading from my sight, I will never see how I’ve killed myself. 44 more words