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Fetus in Fetu

I was too young when I made you
Skinny limbs and glass-like eyes
Staring into the bright future
But with each passing year the world grew smaller… 102 more words


Festive Phantoms & Yuletide Yarns

Hand of Doom presents a night of Festive Phantoms & Yuletide Yarns at Family, Rendevous Street, Folkestone on Friday, December 16 from 8pm.

Gather around the giant table and let our expert readers regale you with six new ghostly and macabre Christmas tales written by  Primrose Coulter, Nicola Apps, Ribs Norman and Michele Sheldon. 36 more words

Short Stories

Bid Farewell to Your Monster

Does the monster wander back to try to conquer,
To conjure up fears like a stalker from your past?
Even though you have commanded him to leave? 120 more words


Ghoul Disagrees with Seasonal Charities

His mood had shifted dramatically. Ghoul was—not more than a few seconds ago—chipper and happy. We even entertained the thought of caroling later. But when he came face-to-face with the seasonal Bell Ringer, Ghoul instantly became rude and surly. 975 more words

Flash Fiction

We have a cover-up, additional work and a fresh piece here for you today.

If you like the style of this artist and would like some work done by Dave, we have a contact form on our welcome page that you can use and we will get back to you, or you can call 07751 978843 or simply pop in to the studio, you can find our address on the welcome page also. 18 more words


The Afternoon Shower

Kyle uses the back of his hand to test the temperature of the shower. His flesh sizzles and pops as the water hits it.

“Perfect,” says Kyle to himself. 603 more words