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Happy Holidays

Sitting down with a good book is my favorite part of the day. I know it sounds cheesy, but after ten long hours of people and society, there’s nothing better than a snuggly blanket, the feel of pages turned by hand and a hot cup of tea. 896 more words

‘For I have seen the end’

From the fading sunlight in the East, to the encroaching darkness beyond it’s withered wake, I’ve seen the apocalyptic end of all things. A blackness without equal comes for us all. 175 more words

Different Perspectives

#72 Ramsey Campbell


Ramsey Campbell is an English horror fiction writer, editor and critic who has been writing for well over fifty years.

He can be found on the world wide web as Ramsey Campbell. 148 more words


‘Orange 12: the message’

Fortunately, most of the core members of our organization had read my poem: ‘whispered in the wind’; about my secret mountain getaway. They made the adroit connection and immediately relocated there to set up the new, impromptu headquarters. 1,538 more words

Different Perspectives

‘Orange 11: whispered on the wind’

Getting the truth out of Bea was like pulling teeth. Her undeniable loyalty to them was obvious and everything she volunteered was circumspect. For all we knew, her cooperation and confessions were given with the sole purpose of misleading us. 1,314 more words

Different Perspectives

Auld Reekie: Murder, Cemeteries, & Plague... again.

The death theme continued once we got to Scotland, which was perfect for kicking off my new research agenda.

We arrived in Auld Reekie, known as Edinburgh in the modern age, and checked in to our… 548 more words


Throwback Thursday Story: Christmas Eve

This is one of the stories I recall fondly and remember being proud of. 

The main reason I recall enjoying it was because I was inspired to write it after watching Herschell Gordon Lewis’s classic Two Thousand Maniacs. 3,079 more words