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Desperate Corners

Spinning. Top handle pushed.
Heel of hand slams down.
Pumps up and down,
fast, faster as head whirrs.
Manic music loop hums, buzzes.
Commuter rail speeds like top. 171 more words


The Demons Dance

Spirit shadows
Borrowed from the darkness,
Melancholy minions of sin
Draped in penumbral dusk,
Circle and sway,
Close in on their prey,
Lustful for the kill. 55 more words


The Weekend Approches

The weekend approaches.
The streets grow dark.
You’ve become impaired.
Your time is marked.
We watch you stumble.
We watch you slip.
We watch you stagger. 22 more words


SK- Earle Leonard Nelson (The Gorilla Murderer)

SK- Earle Leonard Nelson (The Gorilla Murderer)

Earle was born in Philadelphia on 12 May 1897. His mother and father died of syphilis within the first year of his life, moving him into the care of his deeply religious aunt Lillian. 625 more words


A Masquerade

The golden hallway, filled with the most beautiful and thought-provoking pieces of art of the century, is as cold as you while you make your way through it. 844 more words