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How India’s River Row with China Shows The Growing Importance of Water Security – The Short Answer - WSJ

A river that flows through India, China, Bangladesh and Bhutan is churning up the issue of water security in a fast-developing region.

The river–which is called Brahmaputra in India–is a source of tension between… 442 more words

China Alert

Lion-tailed Macaque

The Lion-tailed macaque (Macaca silenus), wanderoo, சோலைமந்தி, சிங்கவாலி. Endemic to the Western Ghats. – at Valparai. 9 more words


Monkey busines

Japanese Macaques, or Snow Monkey (Macaca fuscata) is a species native to Japan. It is the most northern-living non-human primate. During my two-year stay in Japan I had several opportunities to meet these lovely creatures. 335 more words


Japanese Macaque - In Living Color

At the risk of tiring you all on the subject of macaques…..jumping off from the last blog (Japan – Hanging with the Macaques)…..this time, just a few the favorites in full color.  Enjoy!


Japan - Hanging with the Macaques

Red faces and expressive eyes – looking so much like humans.  Languishing in steamy hot springs surrounded by a wintery landscape.  Playing, occasionally feuding.  Always grooming one another.  83 more words


Monkey Mountain

It was Sunday Funday over here, y’all! What a great little place we discovered and it’s definitely a must for all animal lovers. Not only do you get to see monkeys, but you get to walk amongst them…and feed them popcorn! 778 more words


Today we visited the Arashiyama monkey park and the famous bamboo forest. A quick Shinkansen from Osaka- twenty minutes! It takes an hour by car. Shinkansens are insane, they are designed to go 285 km/h! 152 more words