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Monkey Kingdom - Stars of the movie

We went to see the new Disney movie “Monkey Kingdom” yesterday – a typically impressive piece of movie making with spectacular nature photography used to tell a story of a troupe of macaque monkeys in Sri Lanka.   132 more words


The Macaque: My Spirit-Animal

Two nights ago, under the flat, flickering light of a college dorm’s lounge area, a small group of friends came unto the age-old task of deciding which animal would best symbolize each of them. 538 more words


Review: Monkey Kingdom

Having never gone to see any of the other Disney Nature movies, I did not know what to expect going into Monkey Kingdom. The thought that I was donating to… 343 more words


Borneo: Sukau

I had made a new friend, Yvonne, while scuba diving in Sipadan and her change in schedule meant she could join me in Sukau. We didn’t know much about where we were going but had heard through some locals that it was the best place to go boating to find monkeys and to look for the famous wild Orangutan. 774 more words


Bali travel, 24th March 2015- A forest and a few overly confident tree dwellers.

Do you know how I knew this would happen?!

Firstly because I raised it as an activity we shouldnt miss, but secondly because I have the persistence of a dog in heat. 1,561 more words