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Monkey business lands Chinese macaque behind bars – for now

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

Monkey business lands Chinese macaque behind bars – for now

Forestry police in southwestern China have finally caught up with a wily intruder who evaded capture for about a fortnight. 179 more words

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Monkey Macaque family

A 40-days old monkey Macaque born at the Attica Zoo Park in Athens, protected by his mother and father


Japan – Mt. Fuji & Jigokudani Monkey Park!!!

Welcome back! In this installment of my trip to Japan you’ll get to explore my side trip to Mt. Fuji and the wonderful place I visited called Jigokudani Monkey Park! 179 more words



“Hmm, that black speck moving across the horizon is much bigger than the other specks” we thought to ourselves, lazily gazing out at the animals moving around the giant, man-made lake sitting outside the Sri Lankan town of… 2,899 more words


Precuneus and primates

The precuneus displays a remarkable variability in size and shape among adult humans, and it also represents a main difference between human and chimp brain morphology, being larger in our species. 203 more words

Brain Morphology

You Don't Owwwwwwn Me!

Selfies. Everywhere. They’re your friends’ updates; proof of travels and adventures; they even come on sticks. For one photographer, selfies also imply a giant mess of legal battles. 315 more words

Sulcal imprints

The fuzzy geometry of the brain surface shapes the endocranial wall, and endocasts can show traces and imprints of the cortical sulcal patterns. Individual variation is noticeable, and the precise… 428 more words

Brain Morphology