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In the dirt: do primates yuck?

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Imagine living in an environment where pathogens and infectious diseases are everywhere. No hand sanitizer, no water purification tablets, no insect repellent, and potentially lots of infected mates. 739 more words

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#Fatal #Outbreak in Tonkean #Macaques Caused by Possibly Novel #Orthopoxvirus, #Italy, January 2015 (@CDC_EIDjournal, abstract)

Volume 23, Number 12—December 2017 / Synopsis

Fatal Outbreak in Tonkean Macaques Caused by Possibly Novel Orthopoxvirus, Italy, January 2015

Giusy Cardeti2  , Cesare Ernesto Maria Gruber2, Claudia Eleni, Fabrizio Carletti, Concetta Castilletti, Giuseppe Manna, Francesca Rosone, Emanuela Giombini, Marina Selleri, Daniele Lapa, Vincenzo Puro, Antonino Di Caro, Raniero Lorenzetti, Maria Teresa Scicluna, Goffredo Grifoni, Annapaola Rizzoli, Valentina Tagliapietra, Lorenzo De Marco, Maria Rosaria Capobianchi, and Gian Luca Autorino… 255 more words


Wildlife Spotting on the Kinabatangan River, Borneo

Home to an impressive array of wildlife, the Kinabatangan River is Sabah’s longest river stretching an impressive 560km. I had heard tales of visitors spotting pygmy elephants and finding an abundance of orang-utans. 660 more words


Monkey mom eats mummified baby

Primates are known both to grieve their loved ones and practice cannibalism, but for the first time, scientists have recorded a Tonkean macaque eating her dead baby. 127 more words

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Identification of unique B virus (Macacine #Herpesvirus 1) #epitopes of #zoonotic and #macaque isolates using monoclonal #antibodies (PLoS One, abstract)


Identification of unique B virus (Macacine Herpesvirus 1) epitopes of zoonotic and macaque isolates using monoclonal antibodies

David Katz , Wei Shi , Manjunath S. 489 more words


#Macaque #monkeys in #Zika virus research: 1947-present (Curr Opin Virol., abstract)

Curr Opin Virol. 2017 Jul 24;25:34-40. doi: 10.1016/j.coviro.2017.06.011.

Macaque monkeys in Zika virus research: 1947-present.

Newman C1, Friedrich TC2, O’Connor DH3.

Author information:  233 more words


Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary


If you’ve read our Chiang Mai blog or seen our Thailand Video, you’ll know we spent a day at the Elephant Nature Park (ENP). 3,099 more words