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Public engagement

No.  Hold your horses!  If you get any more excited you’ll come down with a touch of the vapours (and it is not easy to administer smelling salts via the web – and I continue to resist the clamour to start making house calls).   945 more words


James, Bernd and the two of us shared a taxi into town. Bernd had chosen a mid range hostel because of the bar and Foosball table on the upper floor, so we accompanied him there, and walked towards China town to find a cheaper place for us. 1,704 more words


One Week in Southern Thailand

We entered southern Thailand excited for spicy food and beautiful beaches. Our first stop was Rai Leh – only accessible by boat since towering limestone cliffs cut off access to rest of the mainland.   633 more words

Southeast Asia

Feeding Time

When observing the primates I was lucky enough to be able to observe several feeds at the centre. The first feed was a common feed with bugs and some vegetables. 375 more words


More Monkeys

Monkeys are one of my favourite subjects to shoot because you never know what you’re going to capture.  You could come back and photograph the same group of individuals every day, and their behaviour is so varied that you’re always going to see something new.   160 more words


Koh Samui to Krabi

For the next leg of the trip we decided to head back to the mainland and across to Krabi. This involved a relatively painless ferry and bus combo which took about 5 hours in total. 600 more words