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The Year of the Monkey (Revisited)

Eco-tourism is a valuable way for communities which are close to magnificent wildlife to monetize (and protect) that wildlife.  Except, every one and a while, things go wrong.  226 more words

Nosing Around In Bako

Bako National Park is one of the best places to see proboscis monkeys in the wild and is the main reason we went to Kuching in the first place (not b/c it was named Cat). 868 more words

National Parks

1:3 (1974) The British will rule as long as the apes are here.

My first ever visit to Gibraltar was (unfortunately) quite brief, just a couple of days really which was the norm for warships heading out to the Far East. 717 more words


Wildlife crossing: Drive with care!

A young macaque clings to its mother’s body, killed on a Khao Yai road this week. The baby’s confused cries are heartbreaking.

Macaques are often seen along the roadside in the park, waiting for food from visitors. 165 more words

Working With Wildlife

This Is Christian!

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The Basics

So, I’m called Christian Howell, I’ve a degree in Biology, I’m a member of the International Primate Society and of the Primate Society of Great Britain, and now I’m undertaking a Masters in Primate Conservation. 710 more words


Children of the Forest

Another film posted by James Jefferies, made while he and Erin Ranney were filming in Phana. This film gives a close-up view of the interactions between monkeys and humans in Phana. 26 more words

Long-tailed Macaques