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Adults Night Out at LPZ

Last Friday at Lincoln Park Zoo’s Adults Night Out, Matthew and I spent half an evening eating a salad and the other half trying to take pictures in the dark. 110 more words


Visual Anthrozoology at Monkey Forest, Trentham

I recently had the pleasure of introducing my own little monkey to the macaques of Monkey Forest, Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent. She was both excited and a bit nervous as the macaques wander free in a big forest and it was our responsibility to steer clear of them and their habitat for once; a fabulous and no doubt valuable experience for her to see animals in a slightly more natural setting! 138 more words


Day 10 - Baboons, Macaques and Mangabeys

Today I floated between sections, in the morning I took on the task of cleaning out the baboon enclosure with a pressure washer -face mask and gloves needed as the splash back from this leads to baboon poo everywhere(I’m pretty sure I had some in my hair!). 102 more words

Work Experience

Public engagement

No.  Hold your horses!  If you get any more excited you’ll come down with a touch of the vapours (and it is not easy to administer smelling salts via the web – and I continue to resist the clamour to start making house calls).   945 more words


James, Bernd and the two of us shared a taxi into town. Bernd had chosen a mid range hostel because of the bar and Foosball table on the upper floor, so we accompanied him there, and walked towards China town to find a cheaper place for us. 1,704 more words


One Week in Southern Thailand

We entered southern Thailand excited for spicy food and beautiful beaches. Our first stop was Rai Leh – only accessible by boat since towering limestone cliffs cut off access to rest of the mainland.   633 more words

Southeast Asia