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Baked Macaroni In Cheesy White Sauce

I’d noticed something very prominent in the Goa Marathon my husband had participated in. It was the pre-evening pasta party. Why specifically Pasta Party…was the question. 391 more words



Recipe serves4

Preparation time5 min

Cooking time40 min


  • 2 teaspoons oil
  • 500g skinless chicken breast, diced
  • 1 cup (250mL) milk
  • 1¾ cups (310mL) water…
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Macaroni Pasta

Macaroni casserole from dark macarones

Macaroni Casserole is  one of the basic home foods it think everyone should learn how to do it. It is simple and takes few days for one person to eat it. 158 more words


Deli-Style Macaroni Salad

Very basic macaroni salad, similar to what they sell at your grocer’s deli. 104 more words

United States

Macaroni Pasta


Beberapa hari kemarin saya masak-masak-cantik lagi, kali ini masakan nya adalah macaroni pasta. Iya kali namanya macaroni pasta. Saya juga gatau, ngasih namanya suka-suka aja hehehe. 160 more words


Pasta yummy ala revi

Gw suka pasta,apapun itu… gw suka saos lasagna tp gw lbh suka beli pasta jenis macaroni pertama masaknya gampang, abis d rebus bs simpen kulkas klo kebanyakan… daannn harganya lbh murah dr lasagna hahahaaa!! 335 more words

Kitchen Corner

Spicy Pepper Macaroni Cheese-Macaroni De Pimiento Picante Con Salsa De Queso

A very popular pasta dish which originally came from the U.S…And has been adapted to my specifications….With addition of bacon, and a roasted pepper paste…Yummy!! 303 more words

Fusion Cuisine/Cocina Fusion