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the tahoe macarons

It was recently brought to my attention that I hadn’t posted on this site in over a year. Well, that’s not good. To be honest, I have no excuse, but I will throw some out there. 210 more words


And Then There Were Feet!

I made a whole bunch of changes this time, so this post will probably be a dense one. I did a good amount of research, and tried (and promptly became confused) about even the chemical aspects that went into all of this. 747 more words


Thoughts on Macarons

Over the course of this summer I have been trying to master the careful craft of baking macarons. I have been using Stella’s wonderful guide… 1,019 more words


Basic French Macaron Recipe

I’ve been asked a few times – both online and offline – on how I make macarons. Let me assure you that I am no expert; half my shells crack each time, my shells are still glossy and sticky instead of dry, and adding cocoa or matcha powder to my shells have only resulted in disaster thus far, in the form of a lack of feet or insanely cracked shells. 466 more words


Peppa Pig and Friends Macarons

How cute does that look! Peppa Pig macaron!

I can go on about the cuteness of this without a worry about going overboard with your very own post, because the original idea wasn’t mine. 612 more words


French Macarons

I can almost draw the conclusion from the reactions of everyone I know upon seeing macarons that everybody loves macarons. Almost!

You can’t deny that macarons are very, very eye catching for the cheerful colour assortments and for the beautiful and perfectly round rows of macarons neatly lined up in the display window. 1,290 more words


Apple Pie Macarons

Apple Pie Macarons… I have no words.

Although probably not a fresh idea, I’ve always wanted to bake something reminiscent of the famous Winkel 43 apple pie… 632 more words