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Berry Delicious Coconut Macaroons

Coconut.  Tropical, creamy, sweet, and light.  These macaroons are amazing.  They melt in your mouth, and the berries add a delicious tartness to the macaroons. And they are whole-grain, too!   280 more words


Pastel macaroons

So I’ve always wanted to try to bake macaroons, but from everyone I’ve asked they can be a bit challenging. Stupidly I thought that I’d be the exception to this and I’d find them really simple and they’d be perfect…this didn’t happen. 631 more words


The difference between a good macaroon and a great macaroon...

I’m always searching in coffee shops and little cafes for the perfect french macaroon; you know the one that melts in your mouth. Two pillows with sweet, creamy filling in between. 161 more words



This simple recipe will explain how to make perfect macaroons. You do not need to be a experience pastry chef to create something truly amazing. 310 more words


Lemon-Basil Macarons

Macarons au Citron Jaune et Basilic as the French would call it. :)

I have found myself cooking with lemon a lot last few weeks. I think the famous proverb, modified, would suit me best “A lemon a day keeps the doctor away”. 577 more words


Lime & Coconut Macaroons

Lime & Coconut Macaroons specially made for our Dad.

These dainty nourishing macaroons are packed with flavour.  They are also gluten-free so are suitable for coeliacs. 8 more words

Ladybird Lab

Macaroon madness!

We had a lot of fun experimenting with macaroons this week. After one or two mishaps we finally cracked it!

Not having a particularly sweet tooth myself I decided to experiment with some savoury..ish macaroons. 72 more words