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5D Girl Starseed Tools - Gaia Rainbow Spine Activation

This activation is for the Gaia source points in the spine which run down from the USA through the Andes to the South Pole. These can be used for balancing, nuturing, healing, cherishing, rejuvenation, tiredness, exhaustion, replenishment and much more. 1,279 more words



Day 1 

The first day of the trip was charged with covering the longest distance that we would face over the coming 3 weeks. A two hour flight northwards from Santiago brought us to the very tip of Chilean territory. 1,139 more words


Beautiful sounds from a bamboo flute.....

One evening some years ago, my children and I heard a very unique sound floating in the air as we were stepping out from Sungai Wang Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur. 519 more words

Andean Folk Music

Round The World Trip Planning

I’m planning a world trip for when I leave school and university and I’m not sure of places to go. I know I want to go to Chile, Macchu Piccu and Japan and that I want to journey on the Trans Mongolian rail road but apart from that I could do with some suggestions. 24 more words

My first Evening In Cusco,Peru

As the sun set on the small city of Cusco my wife and I headed off to her cousins house for a birthday party for my wifes god-child. 245 more words

Digital Photography

February Vacation In Peru

One of the benefits of having a wife who is from Cusco,Peru is being able to visit my new family. Me and my wife planned a very busy week of visiting her family in Cusco and Quillabamba. 240 more words

Digital Photography

Did Smurfs Create Machu Picchu?

Posted by: Chris

Travel date: 5.30.08

If you are thinking about seeing Machu Picchu and have heard it is too touristy or that the number of people there ruin the experience, then you have heard wrong. 754 more words