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Mcdonalds it aint ....

Every now and then a burger is what’s required but it doesn’t have to be meat or mushed up beans which are crispy on the outside and have a consistency of baby food on the inside. 93 more words


Friday 20.11.15

Woke up to a windy morning again lol I getting a bit fed up of it now, made our lunches and sorted the chickens out before having coffee, cycled to the farm and turned Skye out for the day, got home and got ready for work, had a busy day but the day really dragged and the afternoon was even worse it’s been such a long day, Got a message off Lynne requesting a MacDonald’s for dinner so after doing a bit of shopping for the weekend I picked up our dinner on the way home, spent the rest of the evening watching TV and lol I didn’t fall asleep watching… 9 more words

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A normal day.

After all the sardine excitement of a few days ago topped by the glorious rack of lamb yesterday, it was time to calm down, take a breather and try have a normal day.  551 more words

Gerard Oosterman

Autumn 2015

Congratulations to all the creative minds who have made it onto this page. You are all inspirational figures to your fellow students and we have loved receiving your pieces. 383 more words


Been extremely busy lately. I was definitely hungry when I did this gig for the affordable art fair with the band of doodlers


Friday 23.10.15

Woke up a bit late again this morning but I was not to worried the kids are off school for a week half term holiday and Lynne was not working this morning so Skye was brought in and groomed and ridden and Ruby was walked by Heather, had coffee before going to work via MacDonald’s for breakfast, had a busy but fairly relaxed day in work doing mostly paperwork, when I finished work It was only Heather and I for dinner Cameron was eating out with his new girlfriend, spent the rest of the evening listening to music till Lynne finished work then we had a beer and a chat before watching a bit of TV and falling asleep, I off work this weekend woop woop

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Yes Macdonald's!!

I’m not a fan of MacDonald’s to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those pretentious anti-fast food people who look down their nose at you for ordering some french fries. 156 more words