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Throwback Thursday: the McDLT

Why on earth did MacDonald’s discontinue the McDLT?  Sure, it had a stupid gimmick.  And it seemed to have so much lettuce and tomato that I used to think of it as “the saladburger.” 50 more words

Reforming the world one burger at a time

Reading from a news headline, my husband let me know this morning that the Australian dollar is not looking good against other currencies. Apparently it is still worth going overseas to live like a king in Greece, Vietnam, India, Japan, and Indonesia. 39 more words



Steps stretch high in the air

Two dragon feet waot at the bottom

Covered in gold, twinkle in the light

I must raise the energy to tackle the steps… 86 more words

Fast Food Fat Cat!

The other day we went to the vet for the annual check up… Sonu Singh miaowwed the whole way there, and once we went into the examination room, he was very bold, climbing everywhere! 162 more words


To start a day with McDonalds burger

I admit that I am a big fan of McDonalds, because it is easy to find it everywhere and it usually tastes the same! Although I am surprised that the price can be so different between Europe and Asia countries! 218 more words


MacDonald Countries Series

A little update for the MacDonald Series ( From Macdonald Educational an early years geography series ) 

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