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Day 33 - Because I went a little overboard

So before I start anything, I’d just like to correct something. I forgot to include some skincare stuff I got yesterday so I’ll add the correction here. 126 more words


News From The Slope

Dick Puddlecote

News From The Slope No, the title isn’t a Clarkson reference. I just thought you’d be interested in some of the crackpots that tobacco control industry policies have unleashed recently. 856 more words


help!!! i think my neighbour is too comfortable with his body..


You will not believe the day i’ve had…

So while I was at my house , sitting in my balcony, just minding my own business cos’ you see; I live in a flat, a huge one and its filled with all kinds of tenants desperately sabotaging each other and subtly hatin ‘ on one another. 354 more words


The truth about so-called healthy sandwiches and salads...caveat emptor!

Lunch items from Pret a Manger, Caffè Nero, Marks & Spencer and Asda among those found by Which? to contain high levels of fat and sugar. 529 more words


Why is this weird lady here?

Having survived a one-year stint as a personal trainer, I am once again blissfully/foolishly* (*delete as appropriate) devoid of the restraints of being a responsibly, gainfully employed adult. 314 more words

Day 18 & 19 - Because I may have fallen off the wagon a little bit...

Okie so I haven’t exactly been sticking to my rules lately T.T But mainly because I went out with my friends both days. And I also have a feeling that this will continue tomorrow because I’m going out again to a relatively expensive restaurant – expensive for me that is. 372 more words


The El Supremo 300

I’m not fond of getting up early, well, getting up earlier than normal, I prefer to wake at a sensible hour and let the world slowly take focus. 1,411 more words