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Saturday 02.09.17

Had a bit of a lie in lol and Lynne was up late for work, had coffee and then cycled up to Heswall and called in to see my old work mates, then called into Wirral Small Cars and caught up with Paul, on the way way home I called into the farm and checked on Skye, when I got home I had a quick shower and then went to MacDonald’s for lunch and then went and bought a new outside lamp, when I got home I fitted the lamp then got the bus to Birkenhead and did a bit of shopping, Lynne finished work and picked me up from the pub, when we got home we cooked dinner and after we had eaten and tidied up we chilled out in front of the tv till it was time to go to bed

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How To Lose Weight Fast

Knowing that I am a gym freak (and a highly-publicised one), a friend recently DM-ed (Direct Messaged) me on Instagram. Her despair bubbled over in our short-lived conversation, which went something like this: 351 more words


Why outcomes in youth ministry exclude the poor

Yesterday i wrote a lengthy piece on why it isnt new that the church has abandoned the poor, because youth ministry has struggled with working with young people deemed ‘underclass’ , ‘poor’ or disruptive/challenging, ever since the dawn of Sunday schools. 1,048 more words


All in a Day

Years ago (in the year 2000 to be precise) Lisa and I were taking the sprogs out. We eventually got sorted and all piled into Lisa’s car.  287 more words