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Hubris and Humiliation?

Spotted this from Merrill Lynch research:

Does put things into perspective, although to be fair to these mega caps, their overall global addressable markets are bigger in USD value than those of the listed companies in these individual countries. 26 more words

Market Strategy

Bday Party at MacDonald's

When Manoli, my oldest, is invited to a bday party, I know there’s planning ahead. For food, treats, unexpected treats, and new locations. It’s fine, I’ve become a pro at this over the years. 568 more words

Birthdays And Parties

SACTOautoPILOT: Is the Filet O' Fish Fresh?

Two for Five

Not sure if the lady at the Northgate Macdonalds realized she was using her outer voice as she was standing in line.  She really likes, the Filet O’ Fish and thought she would get two of those.   162 more words


you are not going to MacDonalds

You are not going to McDonalds

who said

I said

 But I am only three

do you hear me

you are not going to MacDonalds


Campbelltown Maccas Tops List Of Fifty Best Restaurants In World

Campbelltown McDonald’s has shocked more fancied establishments from France, Spain and Italy to be named number one in Restaurant magazine’s list of the Fifty Best Restaurants in the world in a glittering ceremony in Melbourne. 266 more words


7 not-so-Deadly Sins in Youth Ministry

The film Se7en came out in 1995, I watched it when i was 18, i think, just. Or i may have been nearly 18. And it was pretty graphic and shocking for me at the time. 1,349 more words


Give us back our Country

It is so heartening hearing that South Australia is now trying to nationalize the Electricity industry. Remember Australia had a Commonwealth Bank, the GIO, the PMG and above all we owned our resources. 491 more words

Gerard Oosterman