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Saturday 18.02.17

Up and about early this morning, had coffee and then went to work, my first week and I’m in on a Saturday morning, when I got to… 130 more words

Every Day Stuff

La bota; La botte; The boot

Una bota igual a la otra / Une botte paraille à l’autre /  A boot not unlike the other 

When Rhône and I first got to France, within the first week of being in Bordeaux, Rhône said to me “It’s weird being in another country, it’s like being in a parallel universe,” and I found that to be a very accurate description of our condition traveling. 726 more words


You can’t say the word ‘happy’
while frowning.
It is not possible,
especially when the word ends
in a smile.

It is easy to get distracted… 226 more words


Basketball Anyone?

Great article here about a fella I grew up with, actually played Basketball wit on St.Helena’s Elementary school team. Great Job Gary!

St. Rita of Cascia High School’s head basketball coach… 51 more words


I didn’t post yesterday or the day before and to be honest, they weren’t good days. I wasn’t avoiding posting, I just wanted to take a few days to recollect because I found my posts so negative and I was getting upset about… 107 more words



I did covered this morning that my loved one snored. Usually she wakes before me so I never hear her but this morning I was woken by a loud rumbling noise that went on and on. 234 more words

Random Thoughts

A good apple

My family were never one to stock the kitchen full of junk food. Of course, as a grumpy 9 year old I was furious about this, full-heartedly believing I was missing out on all the delicacies my friends would smugly recount to me at school. 457 more words