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The journey from Kigali to Arusha was not the most comfortable of journeys. Not with the constant stop-overs, the swapping of buses, and the need to sleep over at a small town called Kahama. 2,803 more words


Jambo Kilimanjaro

You can’t climb Kilimanjaro without learning at least two words in Swahili; the greeting of ‘Jambo’ (hello), and advice to walk ‘Pole-pole’ (slowly). The cultural experience is amazing, but my photo above sums up why Kili is such an amazing mountain. 280 more words


Kelly ON Kili


I know what you’re thinking: “I need to get my eyes checked… There’s no way her blog post is titled Kelly ON Kili“. Well, think twice before you make that optometrist appointment (unless you haven’t had one this year–then go ahead and make the appointment right away), because YES, that is the title of today’s post. 1,608 more words


But you sure are beautiful...

I’m struggling to start this post, as it’s going to be a beast of a story and I’ll never manage to cover all my experiences, feeling, thoughts and fears… Before I jump straight into the fact that by the grace of God I managed to summit the great Mt Kilimanjaro (spoiler alert), I need to start from the beginning of my trek :) You might want to make a cup of tea and settle in… and then make another cup of something… 3,806 more words

Understanding Landscapes Barranco Camp on Machame Route Mount Kilimanjaro

Barbie, Hi there Kitty, Princesses, Fairies, Butterflies, Flowers, Dora the Explorer, and My Littlest Pet Shop.

If what you read above stirred your curiosity and curiosity in… 395 more words

Kilimanjaro - The Roof of Africa

Hakuna Matata Kilimanjaro!

I wanted to write a separate blog post for this part of my recent trip to Africa because it’s a completely different experience in itself. 1,661 more words


The Machame Route

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For Kili, there are a few different routes you can choose, depending on various reasons. 691 more words