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Attempt 1 - Machame Route

My first visit to Kilimanjaro was on the Machame route as part of a group of around 30 charity trekkers.  I’d been on treks to The Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, Iceland and Namibia so was used to multi day treks, the only unknown was the altitude.  289 more words

Tanzania 2014 - Kilimanjaro

Time for a bucket list item! Climbing a ‘very high’ mountain is something I always wanted to do. I considered climbing the Kilimanjaro before but I always let my doubts take the best of me (Isn’t it too hard for me? 2,467 more words

The Story of How I Joined “the Club” and Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro

It began like all other wilderness adventures: gear check, hydration, journaling, and silent prayers of a successful, safe, and serene journey; save one major detail: my guts were executing a mutiny/evacuation combo from both ends. 1,371 more words

Day Seven - Why is a Rainforest Called a Rainforest?

The answer is: it has lots of trees and even more rain! Today we walked for four hours in the pouring rain. It feels so surreal to be writing about our first day of walking on Kilimanjaro. 1,442 more words


Kilimanjaro Day 4

Well big surprise, today is like every other day we have had so far. Wake up, eat food, hike, eat more food, hike, eat yet again, and then sleep. 562 more words


Kilimanjaro Day 3

Today is going to be one of the longer days. Woke up at 6am and the plan for the day was to gain some good elevation to try and acclimatize some. 585 more words


Cultural Safari to Machame Nkweshoo

Established in June 2008 with the Vision of Making Kilimanjaro a green village through tourism. People of Machame-Nkweshoo welcome you to explore Cultural and Natural Heritage of Wachagga ethnic group that lives on the green slopes of Mt. 573 more words