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Kilimanjaro Packing List


Daypack: Climbing Kili is serious business, no doubt about it. But overall I felt like a princess on an all-inclusive trip. Your fantastic porters will carry all your gear up the mountain like soldiers, those men are made of steel! 3,150 more words

Day 4: Barranco Huts (3986m) to Karanga Camp (4034 m).

Tonight at Barranco it was extremely windy. I really thought the tent would fly off with me inside. Compared to last time the weather is really acting up now and this is no longer a nice walk in the sun but one in quite harsh conditions at times. 459 more words

Day 3: Shira Camp (3839 m) – Lava Tower (4627 m) – Barranco Huts (3986 m).

Mornings are like hell and today was not an exception. Here is where I started feeling sort of bad last time so I guess it brought me some bad memories. 475 more words

Day 2 - Machame Hut (3021 m) to Shira Camp (3839 m)

Being here is like puting all my problems and worries in the tumble drier. They shrink and shrink until they are so tiny and unimportant that they do not matter anymore. 415 more words

Day 1 - Machame gate (1811 m) to Machame Hut (3021 m).

Made it to the first camp! Today it is not much of an achievement but it feels nice to be able to cross it off the list. 446 more words

'Youf' on Kilimanjaro

A massive congratulations to Jodie and Steve for their recent success on Kilimanjaro. Even more so for Jodie, who is only 16 years old, and our equal youngest client to summit this peak. 291 more words



The journey from Kigali to Arusha was not the most comfortable of journeys. Not with the constant stop-overs, the swapping of buses, and the need to sleep over at a small town called Kahama. 2,803 more words