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Discourses on Livy: III.13-15


One long-standing debate among ancient historians is over the question of who was the greatest general of the ancient world: Alexander the Great, … 1,009 more words

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Practical Advice To Leaders From Machiavelli's Discourses

In the work usually just known as the Discourses, Machiavelli uses as springboard the history of Rome as provided by Livy. From Livy’s history, Machiavelli thinks he can discern several eternal truths about society, government, and politics. 1,801 more words

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Discourses on Livy: III.10-12


In the previous discourses, Machiavelli stressed the necessity of recognizing the nature of the historical circumstance in which we find ourselves and of adjusting our actions accordingly. 1,043 more words

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Il Paroliere: Italian Word of the Week-84

‘Quel grande che temprando lo scettro a’ regnatori gli allori ne sfronda, e alle genti svela di che lagrime grondi e di che sangue..’ disse Ugo Foscolo davanti al monumento, un’ 28 more words

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Discourses on Livy: III.7-9


Why is it the case that sometimes bloodshed is central in a state’s transition between freedom and slavery, while other times it is entirely absent? 1,186 more words

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Fear or Love

Fear and love, two different things but they intertwine sometimes. Fear is universal. everyone fears something, someone but love is something that not everywhere has experienced and not everyone will get the chance to experience. 638 more words


The road to Hell

While all states have got their issues, few solve them as decisive like North Korea does. Although officially there is no such thing as concentration camps… 276 more words