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Allan Levine: The rise of a Machiavellian PMO

What happens when over the course of five decades, the most insignificant of prime ministerial gaffes are blown out of proportion? When freedom of information legislation permits the exposure and public ridicule of personal spending habits (albeit, with taxpayer money)? 1,132 more words

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Why is Machiavelli so important to politics?

Machia-WHO!? The dude above — Machiavelli (MocK-e-uh-vell-ee)!

… He’s one serious guy, and probably the most-important author for modern politics. (Modern, not contemporary or ancient). 2,031 more words


I'm an Asshole, Part I

I recently wrote a post claiming that anyone ignorant of the Ancient Greeks was ignorant, but this is true only in part.  What I mean is that, in truth, knowing Plato and Aristotle doesn’t mean you’re not ignorant. 782 more words

The End that Justified the Means

The End that Justifies the Means

John 6:51–69

May the grace of God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, may that love and mercy be revealed to you, and may it assure you that in His presence you will remain! 1,174 more words

Abiding In Christ

Italian Renaissance Part 2

We will continue our examination of the Italian Renaissance by looking at the key characteristics of the Renaissance. We will also look at the key artists and writers of the Italian Renaissance. 109 more words

My Response to Sheriff Morgan

WEAR TV – August 12, 2015

In an interview with WEAR, Sheriff Morgan was interviewed about how the recent increase in crime & the perception of Pensacola, or rather the marketability of Pensacola would be affected. 2,459 more words