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Quite a lot of people, most of them after misreading Machiavelli, have convinced themselves that ‘history is written by the victors’.

Even Winston Churchill, once a victor himself, had fallen into this trap. 519 more words


I regret to inform...

Dear Mr. Trump,

It is with my utmost sincerest apologies that I compose this letter. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend/perform at your inauguration tomorrow. 321 more words

Phantom Cell: Definitions and Sources

phan·tom cell, n.

1. A covert or clandestine leaderless group that acts against an institution.

And as experience shows, many have been the conspiracies, but few have been successful; because he who conspires cannot act alone, nor can he take a companion except from those whom he believes to be malcontents, and as soon as you have opened your mind to a malcontent you have given him the material with which to content himself, for by denouncing you he can look for every advantage; so that, seeing the gain from this course to be assured, and seeing the other to be doubtful and full of dangers, he must be a very rare friend, or a thoroughly obstinate enemy of the prince, to keep faith with you. 707 more words


Lonesome Witchery⇒ Kirno Sohochari

You are materially lonely in this hostile world,
live in a family with lot other stuffs,
but end of the day you are sadistically lonesome. 625 more words


Machiavelli on the Power of "Virtue"

What is virtue? Some might say goodness, morality, and character. Aristotle, one of the greatest Greek philosophers, said virtue consisted of four elements (prudence, temperance, courage, and justice) and was the foundation for any effective action. 259 more words

A Cup of Butter Tea

dawn breaks like an ugly rash,
the sky, its dark head thrown back,
gargling the early light,
bubbles of gold swirling in its inflamed throat, 155 more words