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24 Books To Hone Your Strategic Mind

Strategy isn’t something that’s taught well in school. Hell, most people probably couldn’t tell you the difference between “strategy” and “tactics” (or even know there is a difference.)… 7 more words

The Question Concerning Ibn Khaldun, Machiavelli, and Carl Schmitt

Sometime next month (February 2018) I am planning to publish my fifth book. Here is some info presented as a conversation I am having with myself (I do that a lot!).   377 more words


“Many will lead their flock to the edge of hell, if the means justify the ends. When the mob are aroused with the cries for war and tribalism unites the herd. 161 more words


Socrates vs. Machiavelli, Redefining the Cosmos, Human Nature, and the Purpose of Politics.

In the history of political philosophy, a momentous shift in thought occurred during the middle ages when a man named Niccolò Machiavelli argued that the Greek and Christian notions about the universe, human nature, and the purpose of politics were completely wrong and dangerous for people in positions of power to hold. 1,860 more words



Expectations dictate ideals; ideals shape individuals; and individuals decipher goals. We unabashedly bash this apparent ‘burden’ on ourselves but seem to blatantly ignore the prospect of any merit in it. 136 more words

Pool Of Thoughts

Magic dragons can’t build peace. Leaders can.

A central conceit of Nobel Prize winner Kazuo Ishiguro’s wise and beautifully crafted novel The Buried Giant (Faber and Faber, 2015) is that an uneasy peace between the Saxons who had migrated to the British Isles in the fifth and sixth centuries, and the British people they found there, was maintained as long as a magical dragon remained under the spell placed on it by Merlin, King Arthur’s court wizard. 1,356 more words


The Wisdom Of Ibn Zafar al-Siqilli And Abu Bakr al-Khowarizmi

The writer and scholar Ibn Zafar al-Siqilli lived from 1104 to about 1170.  The cognomen al-Siqilli (“the Sicilian”) was given to him because he was born on the island of Sicily.  1,011 more words