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In Florence you do not have to look for Renaissance – it is on every single corner.

Even after over 500 years were are still discovering things that originate in Florence: gelato ice cream or Florentine steak –T-bone steak typical for Florence, leather products – they are everywhere and art. 880 more words

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“The Morals of the Prince” -- Niccolo Machiavelli

Machiavelli intends to instruct his people on the true qualities of a prince: stinginess, cruelty, and anything to hold onto power. Despite his urges to master these abominable qualities, he remarks, “In actual fact, a prince may not have all the admirable qualities we listed, but it is very necessary that he should seem to have them.” Machiavelli’s true intention is that Princes should above all be concerned about their appearances to their people, and the qualities they seem to hold. 705 more words

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Reasons To Not Be Republican

Reasons to Not be a Republican (And why I can’t vote for one.)

There are many more reasons, but here is a quick list of why I’m not a Republican and couldn’t vote for one. 1,240 more words

The active life, or the contemplative life?

The Roman emperor Diocletian, after a long and illustrious rule, decided to abdicate his empire in favour of a quiet retirement at his palace in Salona. 709 more words

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Today is the birthday of Niccolò Machiavelli. He was born on this day in 1469. Even though the adjective ‘Machiavellian’ has become a pejorative term to describe someone who aims to deceive and manipulate others for personal advantage. 802 more words

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Machiavelli's Virtue

Harvey Mansfield
Title: Machiavelli’s Virtue
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Year of publication: 1996
Place of publication: Chicago
Ownership: Borrowed from the Social Science library at Oxford University. 24 more words


Have you thought about (HYTA) how we are not really the nice people we think are?

To immerse myself further into my Japanese studies, I got around to watching Liar Game. Its premise, though not exactly original, is simple – an elaborately designed arena where contestants compete among themselves for a payout at the end. 602 more words