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Is it important to study politics and the mechanics of politics?

I don’t think the study of politics or media is a defining factor in being successful in them. Success in those fields depends on 2 factors- The current social structure and compatibility of the individual with that social structure. 178 more words


Why Would Anyone Be Moral? Callicles, Machiavelli, and Nietzsche: Villains or Realists?

There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it…

-Lord Voldemort

There are many people who are absolutely adamant that we must always do the right thing, no matter how inconvenient and difficult it may be.

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It seems that today the majority prefers having an easy life by doing what’s safe and not taking risks. Well, that is absolutely good, but what about jumping into the hole of hesitation and pointing to the highest level? 71 more words


Bush, Iraq, and the Politics of Lying

In 2003, US President George W. Bush alleged that Saddam Hussein had recently attempted to buy both enriched uranium and high-strength aluminium tubes from an African nation in order to build nuclear weapons. 2,514 more words


Historical Background:

A Prince never lacks legitimate reasons to break his promise.

-Niccolò Machiavelli

In 1469, the Italian philosopher and writer Niccolò Machiavelli was born. A lifelong patriot and advocate of a unified Italy, Machiavelli became one of the fathers of modern political theory.

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Applying Machiavelli's Principles to Power Theory in Business

an Essay by Michael Collison, MAOL


Honesty in politics has always been a rarity, which is perhaps why Niccolo Machiavelli’s name has long been maligned; he was too honest for politics. 1,902 more words

Cultural Studies

If you desire to be a king, you must endure the weight of the crown.

I have an imperious necessity to share my point of view directed to whoever strives for greatness to reflect upon it, and to read it fervently along with sufficient practice. 600 more words