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Banned Books Week: Memorizing Machiavelli

As part of this year’s Banned Book Week Celebration, we are answering questions posed by the American Library Association. 

In 1559, the Pope banned The Prince…

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Did you know that researchers have found out that when we meet a person for the first time, we lie to them at an average of ten times? 464 more words


What Happened When the Messiah Met Machiavelli

Reubeni, Prince of the Jews, a surprisingly contemporary 1925 novel by Kafka’s close friend Max Brod, reminds us of the perils of elevating utopianism over the responsibilities of politics. 6 more words


Crossing Machiavelli

Oh my god, now it’s going

to look like

you’re crossing Machiavelli


The significance of Machiavelli’s 'The Prince' in the history of political thought

John Gilley, 2015

Niccolo Machiavelli authored one of the most renowned texts in the history of political thought. The Prince was written at a time of political instability: Italy was experiencing internal division and this resulted in threats from opportunist neighbours, and consequently Machiavelli saw a need to advise rulers in the art of successful leadership (Gilbert, 1939: 453).   1,840 more words

The World's Corner

Machiavelli On The Unjust Republic's Susceptibility To Treason

In Book I, Chapter VII of The Discourses on Livy, Machiavelli writes:

[N]othing makes a republic so stable and strong as organizing it in such a way that the agitation of the hatreds which excite it has a means of expressing itself provided for by the laws….whenever one finds foreign forces being called in by one faction of men living in a city, it may be taken for granted that the bad ordinances of that city are the cause, for it does not have an institution that provides an outlet for the malignant humors which are born among men to express themselves without their resorting to illegal means. 400 more words