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Discourses on Livy: II.11-13


Continuing his discussion of military policy, Machiavelli stresses the necessity of reality over fantasy and appearance when it comes to rattling sabers:

It ought to be noted that leagues that are made with princes who do not have either the occasion for aiding you because of the distance of their site, or the force to do it because of his own disorder or some other cause of his own, bring more fame than aid to those who trust in them. 727 more words

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Would not have been so impressed
With your politics

Discourses on Livy: II.9-10


Wars, according to Machiavelli, start by chance or by choice. That is, either two powers accidentally stumble into war with each other, or one power intentionally picks a fight with another. 1,073 more words

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John Lukacs on Intellectual Bureaucratization

I am currently reading historian John Lukacs’ At the End of an Age.  I only discovered Lukacs’ work fairly recently, after reading a review of one of his other books… 1,000 more words


Why does Hellenism get exonerated from colonialism but not Christianity?

In discussions of European colonialism, it is common to attribute a good part of it to Christianity. Sometimes, Christianity is blamed for the entirety of colonialism. 1,011 more words


Realism in International Relations: A Theoretical Dialogue


The history of realism is the history of disagreements among its greatest proponents. To understand realism therefore, one must critically examine these divergent writings and views with an aim of accurately conceptualising the subject matter. 2,966 more words

Classical Realism

Discourses on Livy: II.5-8


Why is it that human memory is so poor when it comes to remembering the greatness of the past? We should notice that Machiavelli doesn’t mean individual memory as such, he means… 1,414 more words

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