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Machiavelli’s End Goal in The Prince

Machiavelli wanted to claim his eminence in the field of politics. This is his end goal stated in the simplest terms. Because he was removed from his previous government employment of 14 years, he wanted to prove that he knows a great deal about politics more than anyone else. 1,515 more words



Sweet word, ain’t it? Not so sweet, actually. Make no mistake, I love my country. And I appreciate patriots. But I do not respect- just as I’ve said many times- people who follow blindly. 341 more words



Last night, Governor Chris Christo appeared on Billo Riley’s television show, Fear Factory, on The Fox Force Five Network. What follows is a partial transcript of the interview: 628 more words

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Upper West Side Brunch

I recently had brunch at two very nice spots on the Upper West Side, an area of the city where I usually do not spend much time. 116 more words

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Episode 75: The Prince - 5 Lessons Strategists Can Learn From Machiavelli

To be called Machiavellian is to be considered unscrupulous, immoral and deceitful. This is a man that wrote that ‘since love and fear can hardly exist together, if we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved’ 1,112 more words

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The Superiority of Soft Power by UKIP


The traditional perception of ‘strong leadership’ is the use of Hard Power. However, it will become apparent that Soft Power is the superior form of leadership. 2,290 more words