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Latest Tamil News - Banned machine gun in the United States Trump action - Dailythanthi.com

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he has recommended that “bump stocks” devices that let semi-automatic weapons fire hundreds of rounds per minute be banned. Trump signed a memorandum recommending that… 295 more words

Episode 14 - Sean Lindley - Teaser

Episode 14 is upon us! it was only a matter of time before I had some true NFA lords on the show! this time its Sean Lindley Of Texas Machine Gun and Ordinance. 27 more words

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US Draco Pistol: Perfect pistol with some 30 cal knock down power

How cool is this mini AK47? I do realize its an AK pistol but still, toss a shockwave glade on it and you have a viable sub compact power house that can deliver some 147 grain bullets to your targets.


Armored Cars: Osprea Mamba Mk. 7

The Mamba Mk.7 is the newest incarnation of a prestigious mine-resistant 4×4 lineage from South Africa. Developed from the late 1980s and early 1990s as an intermediary wheeled transport, after a long gestation the Mamba Mk. 553 more words


IWI NEGEV Machine Guns

Vickers Tactial teams up with IWI and shows us some contemporary machine guns that rival that of the M240G and the M249 Saw. Belt Fed and Magazine fed, these guns deliver light weight machine gun superiority and make it look fun.

Machine Guns

The new car for GTA Online can be equipped with machine guns

The online version of Grand Theft Auto V has received an update. In it, players will find a new car that be equip with machine guns. 116 more words