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The first rule of gunfighting is "Bring enough guns"

Ground crew member posing next to a B-25 strafer (J model?) and it’s 14 .50 cals.

When there is lead in the air, there is hope in the heart 6 more words


Just Jeepin' around Geilenkirchen

A jeep manned by Sergeant A Schofield and Trooper O Jeavons of 1 SAS near Geilenkirchen in Germany Nov 1944. The jeep is armed with three Vickers ‘K’ guns (2 double and 1 single mount), and fitted with armoured glass shields in place of a windscreen. 35 more words

Military History

Italian Breda 30 LMG Stripper Clip

Another bit of kit I’ll never get to use. The Italian M30 Breda Light Machinegun fired Carcano 6.5×52 rounds just like the standard Italian military rifles of the time. 18 more words