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MG34/42 Lafette

The big problem with owning machineguns, functional or not, is how do you display them.They weigh about 30 pounds and personally I don’t trust them to stay on a wall hanger. 59 more words


Machine Guns & The Cavalry

During the First World War, the machine gun played a major role and its impact made itself felt almost in all aspects of the war. For the cavalry, the machine gun was one of the key factors that contributed to its demise as an arm of decision on the battlefield. 966 more words

2 Chevauleger

WWII German weapons during the Vietnam War

During the Vietnam War, the communists in the north were armed mainly with post-WWII design Soviet weapons, while their opponents in the south used almost exclusively post-WWII American weapons. 3,100 more words


1990s Bougainville civil war: WWII weapons

The 1988-1998 conflict on the Papua New Guinea island of Bougainville saw use of WWII weapons. While this alone was remarkable just before the turn of the millennium, what is absolutely astonishing was that the weapons had been “resurrected” from the WWII battlefields. 1,564 more words


WWII Japanese weapons in the Korean War

Japan ruled Korea between 1905-1945. In August 1945, during the closing days of WWII, the USSR invaded the peninsula and the Soviet 25th Army advanced as far south as Seoul, before pulling back to the 38th Parallel, which was the pre-agreed division point with the USA. 4,195 more words


Guns for Fun 2 - Guns for Huns

My 1914 Germans are from RENEGADE. They are good-looking figures, and really look the part. But their HMG crews are all prone, and I wanted some seated MG crews. 378 more words