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She sets the weekly challenge, and the standard. 196 more words

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Weapons and Ammo: Why Are Machine Guns So Expensive?

Why are Machine Guns so darned expensive?

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Interesting read on a question I have often asked.

Essentially, when you boil it down past all the basic economics, you can thank good ole’ Uncle Sam, the ATF and 3 pieces of chicken sh*t legislation: the 1934 Firearms Act, 1968 Gun Control Act and the 1986 Firearm “Owners Protection” Act (stupid name) or simply, the US Government for their ridiculously exorbitant cost. 9 more words

Weapons & Ammo

WWII Japanese weapons in the Korean War

Originally posted by wwiiafterwwii: WWII Japanese weapons in the Korean War

Ki-84s and Ki-43s photographed on a former IJAAF base in Korea post-war. The Ki-84 in the foreground is from the 85th Hiko-Sentai, the next one in line belonged to the 22nd Hiko-Sentai HQ Chutai. 4,241 more words


Fiat-Revelli Modello 1914

Designed by Captain Bethel Abiel Revelli and manufactured by Fiat the Modello 1914 unlike most of its contemporaries used a blowback action rather than a gas operated system. 225 more words


what exactly is WRONG with people these days? *rage*

Well…my mom still isn’t great.

She’s developed a cough, and they gave her a cough syrup. With sugar. When she hasn’t been eating because of the nausea from the pain. 1,016 more words

Frank McErlane: Chicago's Toughest Gangster Nabbed in L.A.

On July 15, 1918, plainclothes officer Charles S. Vose of the LAPD’s new “war squad” went to 324 W. Pico Street on a tip that a man who’d been living there for the past several weeks was a draft dodger. 776 more words

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