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Data Science the Reverse Way

The journey of a typical data scientist is to have a strong background knowledge of statistics or computer science. Say, Mike a well-known data scientist starts his journey in a typical way, any guesses, learning Linear Regression in Python/R. 256 more words

Deep Learning

Hopfield networks: theory

Having looked in some detail at the Ising model, we are now well equipped to tackle a class of neuronal networks that has been studied by several authors in the sixties, seventies and early eighties of the last century, but has become popular by an article… 1,235 more words


How kNN Works

The k-Nearest-Neighbors (kNN) is a classification method which is one of the simplest methods in Machine Learning and is advisable for beginners who need a quick start in Machine Learning and Classification types. 1,002 more words

Classification Types

A Proposed Multi-Domain Approach for Automatic Classification of Text Documents

A Proposed Multi-Domain Approach for Automatic Classification of Text Documents

Abdelrahman M. Arab, Ahmed M. Gadallah and Akram Salah, Cairo University, Egypt


Classification is an important technique used in information retrieval. 149 more words

#allin216: Machine Learning

My wonderful boyfriend, the experienced Network Engineer, loves to tease me about my modern tendencies in online learning. I am his AWS-xpert. (Hard eye roll from me.) He prefers the simplest solution to any problem, but I have the luxury of not being bound by client timelines and can take time to explore any rabbit hole that may prove useful. 839 more words


Artificial Intelligence,AI, Why?

As the advent of human civilization moved towards mechanical machine development, many questions were asked why would that be needed. And sooner or later, it was realized that it was to cause assistance to the mankind to carry out so called hard and laborious works, like carrying 1000 kg weights to the height of hundreds of feet, it would be rather much easier if just employed mechanical pulley system rather than manual work. 734 more words


The hottest trend in AI is perfect for creating fake media

Artificial intelligence researchers have a new best friend: the “generative adversarial network.” But the flip side of this technology, which can help us enhance images… 948 more words