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GOD [Part 5]

Luis’s brown eyes gaze at the rattling mirror, bewildered. The loud thud echoes around the room, shattering the tense silence.

Abbott’s face remains neutral. His eyes are steadily focused on Luis, his mouth a thin, rosey line. 444 more words


GOD [Part 4]

The lieutenant eyes are cold and steely, zeroed in on the convict. His mind is elsewhere. He thinks about the girl, lying in a hospital bed on the brink of death. 306 more words


GOD [Part 2]

He sighs, downing his cup of coffee in a few gulps as he rubs his sleep deprived eyes. The dark liquid is already cold and the barista had forgotten the whipped cream–what a great way to start a Thursday morning. 388 more words


GOD [Part 1]

The plastic blades of the fan high above her head lie still, creating a desperate absence of noise in the home. The steel blade of the knife glints in the fluorescent light,  hovering just above her chest. 584 more words



Sorry for the long absence but I’m back with a new story!

Part: TBA

Upload Day: Friday

Genre: Machine of Death (If you’ve never heard of that, click… 68 more words


Machine of Death

It was an interesting premise. What would happen if you knew how you would die? And no matter what you did, you would still end up dying the way the machine predicted? 483 more words


Machine of Death

There is an anthology out there you can download for free and disseminate anyway you please as long as you keep it whole and don’t steal it as your own. 4,065 more words

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