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Recommending: Ryan North's Machine of Death Anthology and Podcast

We talked about ghosts in our last post. Today we’re gonna talk about death. But don’t worry, we’re also gonna talk about science fiction. Both can be found in today’s recommendation: Ryan North’sshort story anthology, The Machine of Death. 465 more words

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Cards Against Humanity is Shit, Here Are Some Better Alternatives

Possibly my most popular article? With a clickbaity name like that, how couldn’t it be?
This is about the “talking crap with your friends” game recommendation list, along with my criticisms of Cards Against Humanity. 34 more words


GOD [Part 8 - FINAL]

“So that’s that.” The lieutenant sighs, taking a long, hot sip of coffee. The Friday barista always remembers the cream.

“Yes sir, all members are currently under arrest and awaiting trial.” Ladner says, hands clasped behind her back. 166 more words


GOD [Part 7]

The door opens at the other end of the room and Abbott walks back in, holding a small white paper cup. The floral designs printed on the outside remind Luis of Jennifer’s curtains that smelled of Febreeze and dust. 763 more words


GOD [Part 6]

“Shall I spit in his water?” Abbott asks, standing by the cooler, filling up a paper cup. He smiled at his lieutenant.

“That’s not going to help; it’s just disgusting.” the older man sighs, leaning against the plastic jug. 251 more words


GOD [Part 5]

Luis’s brown eyes gaze at the rattling mirror, bewildered. The loud thud echoes around the room, shattering the tense silence.

Abbott’s face remains neutral. His eyes are steadily focused on Luis, his mouth a thin, rosey line. 444 more words