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Fluorescent Ballast Caps: FAIL

After converting another fluorescent shoplight into an LED fixture, I tested its capacitors:

Fluorescent ballast capacitors – one failed

The ESR02 reports one as a 4.8 µF capacitor, the other as a “defective part” with a 4 kΩ resistance. 27 more words

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Dragonfly Eye Re-Re-Repair

After not quite seven years, the acrylic caulk holding our garden dragonfly’s eyeballs in place lost its grip. Some cleaning of marbles and scuffing of copper sockets later, two rings of JB Kwik should do the trick: 17 more words

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Heavy Object. Team Lift Required

So says the label on a recent Amazon package:

Heavy Object Team Lift – foam floor mats

It contains half a dozen foam floor mat sheets weighing a bit under a pound apiece. 15 more words

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Desk Lamp Conversion: Round 2

A bit of rummaging produced a desk lamp arm, minus whatever lamp it originally held, ready to hold the second photo lamp, after a bit of epoxy on one locking knob: 68 more words

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Sony NP-FM50 Battery Disassembly

Having won an eBay action for a known-dead Sony DSC-F717 at $0.99 (plus $15 shipping, the seller being no fool), I now have a possibly salvageable camera, a Genuine Sony AC supply, and two more NP-FM50 batteries for about the price of any one of the components. 358 more words

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Broken Spoke

On the drive side, of course:

Tour Easy – broken rear spoke

I’d noticed some brake drag on our last few rides, but forgot to check until I saw the rim wobble while extracting images from the… 53 more words

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