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Bottle Cap Rehabilitation

Mary acquired this bottle a long time ago and has used it forever, so it has Historic Connotations and cannot be discarded. Alas, the cardboard-and-plastic seal in the cap finally disintegrated; I replaced it with various plastic foams and sheets, none of which worked. 30 more words

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SJCAM M20 Camera: Dimensions

The SJCAM M20 action camera came with a whole bunch of doodads:

Including a waterproof case, some right-angle connectors, and a pipe clamp:

The stack turns out to be about as flexy as one might imagine, definitely a Bad Thing for a bike-mounted camera, and a somewhat… 185 more words

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Paper Airplanes

Milo showed how to construct his realistic-looking paper airplane design at Squidwrench, so I had to fold an airplane pattern I learned in fifth grade: 298 more words

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MPCNC: Raspberry Pi Screw-down Case

Directly from Thingiverse, because a Raspberry Pi in a 75 mm VESA mount case will work for me:

The hole fits a 25 mm fan, but the thing runs cool enough it should survive without forced air; think of it as a contingency. 100 more words

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CO2 Dragsters - CNC Machining

I have been teaching  CNC machining for the last 5 years at Suncoast Technical College and have over 30 years experience in the trade. When I started in 1984 the CNC machining centers where just starting to become popular but it was a learning curve.  1,122 more words

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MPCNC: Power Supply Brick Mount

A laptop-style power brick supplies 24 V for the MPCNC’s stepper motors, but I didn’t want it wandering around on the Basement Laboratory floor and getting in trouble, so a pair of brackets seemed in order: 70 more words

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MPCNC: Button Box Connector Mount

This will eventually end up on a board supporting the GRBL controller box:

It’s a direct cut-n-paste descendant of the old NEMA motor mount. 64 more words

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