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Convenient or satisfying

So many times we are stuck with the choice of buying something or making it ourselves (having it made to our requirements or specifications does count!). 459 more words


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Stapes Engineering was born from years of being at the mercy of big companies and monopolies that either take advantage of people or push them away, because the order is not big enough and does not meet the minimum quantity. 97 more words


Side Mirror Turn Signal

I hoped this bit of roadside debris would yield a shiny new amber LED and driver:

But, alas, it uses an ordinary WY5W incandescent bulb: 76 more words

Machine Shop

Siglent SDS2304X Oscilloscope: Homebrew Front Cover

Both my Tek 2215A and HP 54602 oscilloscopes came with snap-on front covers to protect all those delicate knobs and connectors. Not so the Siglent SDS2304X, which is basically a flat shoebox with a handle: the case has no features for a cover to snap onto, Siglent doesn’t offer a padded carrying case, and it’s too thick big for any of the laptop bags around here. 120 more words

Machine Shop

Tour Easy Rack: Front Mount Screw

Long ago, I conjured a front rack mount from an aluminum bar across the seat struts on our Tour Easy recumbents, with a spherical washer soaking up the angular misalignment. 93 more words

Machine Shop

Bypass Lopper

Some surreptitious brush clearing called for a tool larger than our wonderful Fiskars PowerGear pruner, so I unearthed a long-disused bypass lopper in the garage (it may have Come With The House). 153 more words

Machine Shop

Bike Brake Pad Wear

The rear brake on my bike wasn’t stopping nearly as well as it should, even after cleaning the rim and pads with brake cleaner, so I pulled the shoes and replaced the pads: 26 more words

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