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With modern machining techniques, such as 5 axis CNC, machinists have the ability to create almost any product or component imaginable. This type of machining… 255 more words

3D Objects From a Laser Cutter

Actors want to be singers and singers want to be actors. The hacker equivalent to this might be that 3D printers want to be laser cutters or CNC machines and laser cutters want to be 3D printers. 244 more words

Tool Hacks

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One of the most vital operations of the manufacturing industry is machining. machining can be defined as the mechanical processes by which tools are used to mechanically cut… 247 more words

Graphite Electrodes and Finishing Applications

Despite the many advancements in machining technology, sinker EDM or electrical discharge machining still remains as a practical process for applications that involve difficult materials and complex geometries. 219 more words

Graphite Electrodes

Addressing the Skills Gap: Roush Industries' Oppinion

According to Roush Industries Operations Manager Mel Koslowski, one way to address the skills gap is to expose kids to programs in high school that will pique their interest in manufacturing careers. 410 more words


Knurling wheels

Using a single wheel knurler to copy and make knurling wheels from silver steel…


Sawing off the wheels ready for facing and reaming

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Water jet Machining

Ever wondered how does one manufacturers such kind of products? Well the answer to that is ” Water Jet Machining”  a non conventional production method which manufacturers such fine products. 301 more words