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Metal Craft and Riverside Prepares to Attend Industry Tradeshows

Metal Craft and its Riverside Engineering facility are making giant strides in the field of machining, providing a wide range of services to guide companies who are reliant on machining expertise to thrive and maintain market share. 543 more words

CNC Milling

Marvelous Machines Multiaxial Machining Mayhem

Impressive Trochoidal milling of titanium blisk using cryogenic tool cooling, this can be used to make a bladed-disk which is free of welded joints.

Demonstrations of 5-axis machining from Daishin Seiki Corporation.

Update 2/23/2015 - The Metal on the Lathe goes Round and Round, Round and Round

Hi all,

Initial material orders are slowly flowing in (or rather, we slowly bused across town in -5 degree weather to carry 40 lbs of metal back to campus and “build character”). 431 more words


Building a CNC Mill Stepper Driver

When I bought my Sherline mill, it came with stepper motors, but no driver box. The drive box takes the output from a PC parallel port (small electrical signals indicating which axis should move and in what direction). 941 more words


AERO End Mill Series for High Speed Milling

Working with aluminum alloys? Take a look at our latest AERO end mill series for high speed milling: http://bit.ly/1EtvBxh


I'm Completely Entranced by this Hand-Push Engraving Video

Has it been a busy week for you? Need a bit of relaxation with a maker twist? Instead of firing up that tired sounds of the ocean… 208 more words

Art & Design

Dad Builds Mini Bulldozer from Lawnmower Parts

Driving heavy equipment machines is incredibly fun but owning them outright just isn’t in some of our budgets. In that case, perhaps building your own mini machine may be the next best thing, which is what one YouTube user did with his Mini Dozer. 173 more words