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Makers do cool things

My step-son is graduating soon as a CNC Machinist. One of the things he really enjoys about machining is creating things. Last night he gifted my wife and I with a really cool little gadget that he made.  115 more words


X-Ray Imaging Camera Lens Persuaded to Join Micro Four Thirds Camera

Anyone who is into photography knows that the lenses are the most expensive part in the bag. The larger the aperture or f-stop of the lens, the more light is coming in which is better for dimly lit scenes. 253 more words

Digital Cameras Hacks

Anthrophex: Part 2 - The build

I guess now would be a good time to disclaim my machining abilities. I can safely say that I’d make a shocking machinist but I guess its the effort that counts right? 712 more words

Aluminium Die Casting Parts - China manufacturer of Cast & Forged parts

Aluminium Die Casting Parts Manufacture Process

Die casting is the process where molten metal is injected into a mold under high pressure in the range of 10 – 210 Mpa. 180 more words


EDM for the Cheap and Adventurous

Laser cutters, waterjets, plasma cutters, CNC routers – most hackerspaces and even many dedicated home-gamers seem to have some kind of fancy tool for cutting sheet goods into intricate shapes. 232 more words

Tool Hacks

A Big Barrier Removed for Our Fingerprint Padlock

Our fingerprint chip is now smaller, sparing a lot of room for the padlock’s outer design.

The unlocking mechanism is more reliable by adding a detection switch. 101 more words


Too Much Candy Can Give You a Belly Ache

By Jerry Fulkerson

A lot of folks, especially managers, think that engineers like to buy equipment so that they can play with new toys.  OK, there’s actually a little bit of truth in that, but the biggest reason we like seeing a new machine hit the floor is because good engineers are hardwired to solve problems and make things better.  1,850 more words

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