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Micro Precision Machining Small Parts - China Precision Machining Parts supplier

Micro Precision Machining Small Parts requires specialized micromachining cutting tools and processes.
Micro Precision Machining Small Parts applications are mostly found in the medical and die/mold industries, as well as aerospace for avionics parts, and for manufacturing the small electronics components found in increasingly miniaturized high-tech gadgets and cell phones. 147 more words


For Your Binge-Watching Pleasure: The Clickspring Clock Is Finally Complete

It took as long to make as it takes to gestate a human, but the Clickspring open-frame mechanical clock is finally complete. And the results are spectacular. 222 more words

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The Reasons Most Businesses Use CNC Machining

Why most companies have switched to CNC Machining. Less mistakes, better accuracy and quicker machining. Read more about it here. #CNC #Machining

Nest - Lets make a stand

So I have a one of those Fancy Next thermostats – I got it from┬ámy electricity provider free a few years back, but I was never given a stand for it. 274 more words


Getting Accurate Cutting Using CNC Laser for Precision Machining

Obtaining Accurate Cutting Making use of CNC Laser for Precision Machining

CNC laser cutting is 1 of the most advanced techniques and processes when it comes to the fabrication and designing of numerous items. 532 more words

Precision Machining Motorcycle Parts from China Precision Machining Parts supplier

Manufacturing Process of Precision Machining Motorcycle Parts

1. Sand casting (iron or brass)
2. Forging/stamping (aluminum, brass and steel)
3. Die casting/vacuum casting (aluminum or zinc alloy) 117 more words


Precision Machining Small Parts from China Precision Parts manufacturer

Precision Machining Small Parts Brief Details:

Machinable Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Hardened Metals ,Stainless Steel, Steel Alloys.

Products Thickness: 0.010-0.002mm according to client’s design. 100 more words