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Ivy Hirth

Title: Owner, President
Company: Al Hirth Machining, Inc.
Location: Valencia, CA United States

Growing up in the machining industry, Ivy Hirth knows the trade inside and out. 208 more words


Sub Contract Machining Services you can rely on.

Sub Contract Machining Solutions you can rely on.

These days, engineers can pride themselves with wonderful achievements. One of them consists in fast and precise machines required in the CNC Turning Scotland process. 538 more words

Useful Feature Information On Delrin Machining Parts

Beneficial Feature Information On Delrin Machining Components

Delrin machining is capable of CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC turning, and fabrication solutions. Delrin is the brand of acetal, a thermoplastic polymer designed through polymerization of formaldehyde. 567 more words

Precision CNC Lathe Work and Milling For Any Client

The modern industrial machine shop is the source of all the finely engineered parts and components used in heavy duty manufacturing applications. When any industry requires parts for the machines produced on the assembly line, they turn to operations dedicated to precise fabrication of the needed items to supply the main production plant. 319 more words


Avail the Best PiezoCeramic Machining Services in Various Customized Solutions

Avail the Very best PiezoCeramic Machining Services in Various Customized Options

Like glass, plastic and fibre,ceramic is also and important material used to make numerous items such as toiletries, tiles,kitchenware, decorative things, vessels and many more. 443 more words