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Being "Macho" Is Nothing To Be Proud Of

*Potentially Severe Trigger Warning*

Today I’m going to talk about knuckle-dragging ‘macho men.’ You know the type, the arrogant jerks who use the date rape drug and film their abusive exploits, calling it “fun.” I make no apologies for using the term “knuckle-dragger,” and I’ll get to that in the final paragraph, but I first want to address two notions that exist in the social consciousness of these people. 854 more words


Eggs served with a side of biceps? Check out the Macho-Cafe opening next month in Tokyo

If you visit Japan, you’re bound to come across any of a number of establishments catering to men, from maid cafes, to “girls bars” and hostess clubs. 378 more words


P3RS0N41 NUM83R P14T3S.

I am yet to understand the phenomenon of the personalised number plate. Please if you have one explain it to me, but for now this is a taste of how I see those revving around…bloody tossers. 283 more words


Pic of the Day

Cop marries ex-Marine

Detective David Currie, 50, and his now-husband Aaron Woodard, 33, tied the knot shortly after midnight on Tuesday, the 7th, when the state legalized gay marriage. 61 more words


Agogo female farmers employ 'macho men' to protect them from fulani herdmen

Female farmers in Agogo in the Asante Akyem Central District of the Ashanti Region cannot transport their produce to market centres without hired male escorts. 528 more words


I do not trust anyone who tells me that they want to live in the forties, fifties and sixties. Especially if they are a white male aged between eighteen and forty-five. 271 more words