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Halloween Havoc!: GHOST PARADE (1931) Complete Mack Sennett Short!

Today’s horror comedy short is an oldie but goodie from slapstick pioneer Mack Sennett titled GHOST PARADE. This send-up of “old dark house” chillers stars Andy Clyde, Harry Gribbon, and Marjorie Beebe. 13 more words


The Sunday Intertitle: If you want to get ahead, get a hat

“Do you deliberately wear that hat to look eccentric?” asked my boss. Nothing could have been further from my mind, except spatially. But I do have to remind myself to take the hat off occasionally, when indoors, because it’s so comfortable, and I don’t want to turn into Henry Jaglom, a man who seems to have adopted the same policy as Dean Martin in SOME CAME RUNNING. 533 more words


Sunday without Intertitles: A Scotsman and an Australian walk into a detective agency, a mansion, a train...

Found this in a random search of YouTube. Comedy short starring Australia’s Billy Bevan and Scotland’s Andy Clyde, apparently packaged for TV at some point in the past under the title Comedy Capers. 382 more words


The Son's Return (1909)

Cinecon pulled a surprise on me and screened a bonus Century Film, in a beautifully remastered print. I appreciate this, but it was screened right before the 1918… 664 more words


Mabel Normand - Pretty, but no Damsel

The years 1895-1915, which coincide with the emergence of cinema as a serious industry, were a mixed period in the history of women. Women in most countries did not have the vote. 1,225 more words

Charlie Chaplin

The Water Nymph (1912)

This was one of the two first movies ever released by Keystone studios – it was released along with “Cohen Collects a Debt” as a split-reel, or a type of early… 387 more words


A Little Hero (1913)

Could this Keystone short have been the inspiration for Sylvester and Tweety Bird cartoons? Mabel Normand is a young woman with lots of pets: a cat, a dog, and a bird in the cage. 411 more words