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Mack & Mabel review

Review of Mack & Mabel (FOLLOW LINK) at Chichester Festival Theatre. Stunning stagecraft and the voices of Michael Ball (as Mack Sennett) and Rebecca LaChance (as Mabel Normand).I don’t know how good the 1974 production was, but I’d guess that this one is so good because of what the 2015 direction and production has added.

Jonathan Church

Mabel's Busy Day (1914)

This Charlie Chaplin film from Keystone studios works as a kind of sequel to “Kid Auto Races at Venice.” At least some of it seems to have been filmed on location at a live event, but this time Charlie’s acrobatics noticeably engage part of the crowd, and there is a much bigger cast for him to play off. 310 more words


Cruel Cruel Love (1914)

Here’s an early Charlie Chaplin movie from Keystone  in which he does not play his “Little Tramp” character, but is good nonetheless. Charlie is a well-to-do fellow (enough to have a car and servants in 1914) who wears a variation on his getup from “ 260 more words


The news of the century!

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Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin in THE FATAL MALLET (1914) - A very strange mating ritual

When critics write about Keystone comedies being “primitive,” they don’t get much more primitive than The Fatal Mallet.

Three men (Chaplin; Mack Swain; and Mack Sennett, who directed this short) all vie for the attention of a woman (Mabel Normand). 133 more words


Minisode: Spanking Breezes (1926)

As part of the great Movies Silently‘s Shorts! blogathon, MikeD, Darrill and Lindsay watched the two-reel comedy Spanking Breezes.

Plot: Alice Day‘s family spends time on a boat. 64 more words


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Ladies Prefer Big Hats (or whatever is in fashion.)

Sad Mary Pickford in her New York Hat 1912..She was Canadian as was Mack Sennett, who was from Richmond, Quebec. Anita Loos also penned the script for the Musketeers of Pig Alley, a 1912  movie short starring them both. 322 more words