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Ready for Spring! 3/1/15

There’s only one word to describe our weather the last three days . . . WET!  Maybe two – add WINDY!  Ok, ok  . . . 738 more words

Beverly Beach

The Great Turtle: Mackinac Island


According to Native American legend, Mackinac Island was formed by a giant turtle.  Storytellers long ago said that when the world was very young and all the living creatures were wandering over its surface looking for the best place to live, a large number of turtles came to the marshy southern shore of Lake Erie.  188 more words

Mackinac Island

Transportation. Not Toys

There’s an island named Mackinac that sticks up out of  Lake Huron just east of the bridge of the same name that connects the two Michigans.   256 more words

Bike Friendly

I've Got a Scar or Two (and That's Okay)

You are probably looking at this title and thinking…..is this another spill of emotional scars? Well, not really. This is a happy post. This is a reminder to myself of the good and blessed things I have in my life. 1,121 more words


5 Day Black and White Challenge - Day 4

So here we are – day 4 already!  One of the coolest things about this challenge is that I am finding out how much fun it is to convert to black and white.   216 more words


Contrasts . . . and a Special Request 2/22/15

After a few days of “bitter” cold (low of 29), we awoke on this glorious Sunday with the weather person on TV proclaiming a high for today of 78 (a few degrees cooler out here on the beach).  1,071 more words

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