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Lots to Talk About! 3/26/15

Settle back, y’all.  It’s going to be one of those loooong posts . . . I can just feel it!

I’ve realized that the crashing of a laptop no longer throws me into a total tizzy like it used to do. 2,135 more words

Beverly Beach

Top view

Google trekker captures fascinating vistas of the Mighty Mac in Michigan

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

I crossed the Mackinac Bridge many times over the last two decades. 613 more words


Chapter 7

Silence followed Heather’s message, then the walkie talkie started to make some white noise once again. She could faintly hear the voice of a man coming through, most likely Scott, but she couldn’t make out a word. 1,567 more words

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Saturday Wanderings III

I thought about using Pi Day Wanderings for the title of this post, but decided to just add it to my series of Saturday Wanderings… 359 more words


Spring Is A-Coming! 3/12/15

Yeah!  I didn’t forget to post tonight – although I think Bear was wishing I would!

Anything resembling Winter has fled the scene down here in Florida, and we are well on our way to Spring.  754 more words

Beverly Beach

Catching Up 3/8/15

Is everyone on the right time today?  I remembered to set my clock forward THIS MORNING – even after being reminded twelve times by Ted. 1,034 more words

Beverly Beach