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Artists And Writers Find Beautiful Inspiration On Michigan’s “Fairy Island”

“The glowing beauty of the Indian summer, when the deep-blue sky, the purple haze in the air, the shining water, and the gorgeous autumn tints on the trees, made up a picture of rich coloring unknown in any other portion of the world. 977 more words


Remember Mackinac Island With Pink Ponies, Geraniums And Fudge

Native Americans first appreciated Mackinac Island’s abundance of natural beauty, bountiful waters and restorative breezes. By the nineteenth century, enterprising American businessmen had discovered that those same qualities would make the island a popular tourist destination. 1,335 more words


Mackinac Students Visit Countries Around the World 9/28/16

Island friend Orietta Barquero texted me last night to let me know today was International Day at the Mackinac Island Public School.  The event was held in the school gym and over a dozen countries were represented. 213 more words

Mackinac Island

Staying at Mission Point Resort

Located on the sunrise side of Mackinac Island and about .6 miles from the bustle of downtown, Mission Point is the perfect place for a relaxing stay on the island. 606 more words


Impending Bloom!!!

Last week, while taking my morning coffee down at the dock, I noticed 2 things (actually, maybe more than 2, but only 2 that are noteworthy). 205 more words


23 Photos to inspire you to visit Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island, located between the upper and lower peninsulas in Michigan is a top 10 island  in the United States. Drawing its charm from being a place that you get to by ferry or plane, doesn’t allow vehicles and the food of choice is fudge – it’ll be easy to step back in time and fall in love here. 110 more words


The “Land of the Great Turtle” Was A Special Place For Native Americans, Jesuits, Soldiers And Fur Traders

One turtle, two Jesuits, a host of British soldiers and an ambitious man in the business of fur contributed to Mackinac Island’s early history.

Long ago, Native Americans paddled their birchbark canoes to the Straits of Mackinac during summertime searches for whitefish and lake trout. 686 more words