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Mackinac Island Not Fantasy Island...Celebrities Find Anonymity In Northern Michigan

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Michael Patrick Shiels

No one has “passed through” Mackinac Island, Michigan, since the Native Americans, French fur trappers, and Catholic Jesuits of the 1600’s paddled canoes through the strait between Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas connecting Lake Huron to Lake Michigan. 884 more words

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Erica's Describes Favorite Places in Michigan

Maps are a useful tool because they depict spatial information, such as where events took place and physical features of land. In this example, I have created a map that shows 5 places in Michigan that have been important to me.


Michigan: Mackinaw and "The Bridge".

Mackinaw Michigan lies on the uppermost tip of Michigan. It is the gateway to the Upper Peninsula and Mackinac Island.

The light House makes for a safe journey for ships navigating the treacherous waters off the coast in Lake Huron as water flows into it from Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. 259 more words


Mackinac Men in the American Civil War

by Theresa Weller

As we begin a period of solemn thanksgiving for the millions of men and women who have, over centuries, gone into harm’s way to protect the values and freedoms of America and Canada, we also owe a debt of gratitude to those who ensure their names and stories are not forgotten. 1,046 more words

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Mackinac ...

As a child growing up in London I had a penpal from Detroit. Not long after the Mackinac Bridge was completed he sent me a photograph. 405 more words


Hoping Maybe

They always said “Maybe” when they didn’t want to
take my brother and me to Knott’s Berry Farm,
Ringling Brother’s Circus, Disneyland, Marineland. 173 more words


our make or break words

There is a small insect flying around my room, and it’s about to drive me insane. It hasn’t done anything to me. It’s not biting me or trying to get in my ears or entangling itself in my hair. 863 more words

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